Cover your ears and hide your eyes, horror fans. Another classic is getting the reboot treatment. This time, its sexually confused slasher Angela who is being updated for a new generation, as New Line Executive Jeff Katz sets up a series based on the 1983 thriller Sleepaway Camp.

Katz has optioned the remake rights from the original movie's rights holders, which include Angela herself, actress Felissa Rose, the original's writer/director-turned-lawyer Robert Hiltzik and original producer Michele Tatosian. They will all return as producers of this new version, which should help lend the film some credibility.

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The story follows the summer camp exploits of a young girl, tormented and bullied by her so-called friends. This results in a torrential blood bath of terror that is memorable for its truly shocking (at least at the time) twist ending. This new version will be updated for a modern setting. And it promises to stay true to the original's psychosexual elements that made it one of the more memorable slasher flicks of its time.

Fans shouldn't complain too loudly about the reboot, as the original film launched its own franchise, which includes sequels that are mere rip-offs of the first beloved installment. There were four sequels in total, the final one directed by Robert Hiltzik himself. Return to Sleepaway Camp sat on the shelf from 2003 until 2008, when it was finally released to DVD. A 6th film was planned, but never came to fruition.

Plans are to build a whole new franchise out of this reboot, which producers hope will spawn many more sequels long into the Roaring 20s.