Get ready for some potentially terrifying horror movie goodness, because the Slender Man movie is finally happening. The internet legend has been practically begging for a big screen adaptation for some time, but now Screen Gems has finally put the puzzle together. A director has been hired and according to a new report, Slender Man will be shooting by spring this year.

Deadline is reporting that director Sylvain White has been tapped to bring Slender Man to life. He is best known for directing the dance movie Stomp the Yard, as well as The Losers, a somewhat under-appreciated comic book movie from 2010. He also has some experience in the horror genre, having directed I Will Always Know What You Did Last Summer. Granted, that isn't what one would call a memorable, or by any stretch of the imagination necessary horror movie, but it is enough to say he won't be coming at Slender Man blindly. Still, at least on paper, he may seem like an unconventional, or perhaps even concerning choice to many.

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Screen Gems secured the rights last year to make the Slender Man movie as part of a multi-platform property in a deal with Mythology Entertainment, Madhouse Entertainment, and No Dream Entertainment. For those who may not know, Slender Man started out as a creepypasta meme back in 2009 on the Something Awful forum. Eric Knudson, also known by "Victor Surge" is credited with creating the horror figure, who is usually portrayed as a thin, unnaturally tall man with a blank and featureless face, and is usually wearing a black suit. Part of the reason it has taken so long to get a Slender Man movie going is that there are rights issues associated with creepypasta creations, since they are often crowdsourced creations and it can be difficult to determine ownership. However, it looks like things have been worked out and the movie is getting made very soon.

Slender Man is probably about to be a big part of the pop culture conversation, as HBO is getting ready to air their documentary Beware the Slenderman on January 23. That particular movie is going to document the myth and internet legend of the character, but it will be heavily focused on some of the real-life horrors that have taken place as a result of Slender Man. Specifically, two 12-year-old girls, who were said to be guided by their devotion to Slender Man, who lured their friend into the woods to attempt a seemingly inexplicable, brutal murder. Fortunately, the girl lived even after being stabbed 19 times, but it was still a horrifying tragedy that was ultimately linked to this famed creepypasta.

It is unclear how Screen Gems and director Sylvain White are going to tackle the movie. There was a very popular and infamous YouTube, found-footage-style Slender Man series called Marble Hornets that debuted in 2009, that when stretched out would easily make for a full-length movie. So there is some precedent for doing the movie that way. At the moment there is no release date or cast set for Slender Man, but the movie now has a director and a screenplay from David Birke (Elle), so things are moving in the right direction.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott