Mysterious posters for Slice have been slowly dropping across the Internet, showing iconic pizza restaurants turned deadly. We got Little Caesar with his head cut off and a bleeding Domino. Now, we have the first teaser trailer for this horror comedy about pizza and murder, and it's as weird and unnerving as those one-sheets. No one really knows what the movie is about. But we do have this synopsis provided by sinister forces lurking around various websites trying to ignite a passion for this strange endeavor.

"When a pizza delivery driver is murdered on the job, the city searches for someone to blame: ghosts? drug dealers? a disgraced werewolf?"
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That sounds pretty intriguing. Slice comes from A24, and the big selling point has been Chance the Rapper. The comedic thriller is being described as a pizza slasher horror. And there's very little to take away from this short video, which actually first debuted 9 months ago, but did little in the way of attracting much attention to itself. We know the movie features a disgraced werewolf, but we don't get to see it here. We do get a bug-eyed older man who looks scared for his life. A quick glimpse at Chance the Rapper. And, oh, hey, is that Deadpool 2 and Atlanta break out star Zazie Beetz? Why yes it is!

The teaser serves up some hot slices of footage from the impending party pizza movie, but we don't yet have a release date from A24. Up and comer Rae Gray is featured prominently in the movie. Former The League star and How Did This Get Made podcast guru Paul Scheer is also on hand to lend his unique comedic voice. And we're getting more of Stranger Things star Joe Keery, which is always a welcome sight.

Writer and director Austin Vesely is behind the movie, which serves as Chance the Rapper's feature film debut. Vesely is also making his debut after having worked with Chance on a few video shorts. So what we get here hot and in the box is anyone's guess at this point.

Chance is actually responsible for that headless Little Caesar's poster we've seen drifting around the Internet. He shared the image on Instagram a few days ago, with the tagline, 'It's coming." The poster also gleefully reads 'Dead. In 30 Minutes or Less.' We clearly still have some questions concerning what we're about to see here, but we're starting to get some kind of an idea.

While Chance is eagerly awaiting the release of his first film, he's been killing time working on new music. He recently had loose track 'I Might Need Security' enter the Billboard charts, and is ready to give fans something new they can sink their teeth into. You can check out the 'leftover' teaser for Slice from A24 along with the posters. I'm not sure if they'll make you hungry or gross you out.

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