"I'm going to tell you a story about a ghost, a werewolf and a pretty shitty pizza place." Welcome to the weird world of Slice, a new horror comedy from A24. Back in the day, when old school rappers or hip-hop artists would make their feature film debut, they chose movies that tied into their culture or music. From Vanilla Ice to Ice Cube. You knew what to expect. Today's millennial rapper won't be defined by the past, they need to do their own thing, and they can't be put in any box. Unless it's a greasy pizza box. Chance the Rapper is finally coming to the big screen, and it's in a project that's unlike any film headlined by a rap artist before him.

"Dead. In 30 minutes or less." That's the tagline that comes with Slice. In a spooky small town, when a team of pizza delivery boys are slain on the job, two daring survivors (Atlanta's Zazie Beetz and Chance the Rapper in a wild film debut) set out to catch the culprits behind the cryptic crime spree. Slice is Director Austin Vesely's first feature film after helming music videos for Chance's "Sunday Candy" and "Angels."

Mysterious posters for Slice began spreading across big towns and the online community for the past couple of months, each showing an iconic pizza chain turned site of a slasher movie. We also saw a mysterious teaser trailer that didn't tell us much about what was going on. Now, we have a better look at this very unique take on the horror comedy genre. And it looks like a deep dish of awesome from all sides. The new synopsis that arrived with the trailer is a little more vague than what we received in the past.

"When a pizza delivery driver is murdered on the job, the city searches for someone to blame: ghosts? drug dealers? a disgraced werewolf?"

The original teaser only served up a few hot slices of select footage that didn't really make much sense at the time. We know that up and comer Rae Gray is featured prominently in the movie. Former The League star and How Did This Get Made podcast guru Paul Scheer is also on hand to lend his unique comedic voice. And we're getting more of Stranger Things star Joe Keery, which is great.

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While Chance is eagerly awaiting the release of his first film, he's also been killing time working on new music. He recently had the loose track 'I Might Need Security' enter the Billboard charts, and is ready to give fans something new they can sink their teeth into very soon.

But first comes Slice from A24, who also deliver a cool new pizza stuffed poster that will set your mouth drooling, until you realize that's hot blood dripping and not tomato sauce. What is Slice? It looks like the next great cult movie to us. But hey, you never can tell with these things.

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