Universal Studios is holding a contest for you, the everyday Joe who thinks he, or she, can make a TV commercial. It’s all for promotion of their upcoming film, Slither; they’re calling the contest ‘Slug it Out!’

All you have to do is log onto Slither’s new website, www.slithermovie.net, and click on the contest link. Universal is offering all the help you need from clips, audio files, and transition wipes. You can even name your commercial. The best part about this contest is you can win, and win big. Universal is giving the winner of the best spot $25 grand!

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Adam Fogelson, president of Universal marketing is so excited about this movie, he just wants to give his money away; he says “Slither is a horror film unlike most, and it has a marketing campaign that reflects that. This genre really encourages audience participation, and we know the fans are capable of some disgusting, hilarious work. We're here to reward that creativity.”

Within the next 10 days, people who submit their commercial will have it judged by actual Universal Marketing executives. The best 25 will be selected, and then they will be narrowed down to only 5. From there, the most creative and scary will win the money; but don’t worry, the other four will win $1000 and movie memorabilia.

Slither focuses on the people of small town who get infected by killer bugs. When a number of the townspeople turn up missing, and animals are badly mutilated, the police find out these slugs are deadly. It’s written and directed by James Gunn, who is responsible for bringing us 2004’s Dawn of the Dead. The film stars Serenity actor, Nathan Fillion and The 40 Year Old Virgin actress Elizabeth Banks. Slither opens in theaters on March 31st; it’s rated R.