Logic would dictate that a good 2006 Fourth Quarter would make for a bad 2007 First Quarter. However, logic doesn't always apply to the home entertainment business.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, it seems that January and February haven't seen a lot of "high profile" DVD releases, because many of those releases were put out in the Fourth quarter of 2006.

According to the numbers, "the collective boxoffice value of theatrical DVDs released in January was just $533.5 million, down 28.1% from the January 2006 total of $741.6 million. The February 2007 count was $542.8 million, 8% less than the $588 million theatrical value of February 2006 DVD releases."

However, Lionsgate did quite well in the First Quarter of this year, with two solid releases in Saw III and Crank.

"Excess product in the holiday period created an opportunity for us in the first quarter," stated Steve Beeks, president of Lionsgate. "We capitalized on this opportunity by releasing many of our higher-profile titles in January."

In addition to this, Paramount Home Entertainment also did quite well releasing such titles as Flags of Our Fathers and Flushed Away.

Still, even with these success stories the numbers haven't been great across the board. This is starting to change because such films as Borat and Casino Royale are now coming out.

The coming months also look good for the DVD market with titles like Dreamgirls and Apocalypto coming out on May 1 and May 22, respectively.