It's fall in Smallville, and that means it's time for the Harvest Festival. A time for the time capsule with the map to a treasure in it to be opened. A time for beauty pageants. And a time for meteor freaks to run rampant over the town.

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.03, Fierce

Clark and Kara are at the festival, as Clark tries to get Kara acclimated to Earth. Kara wants nothing of it, she wants to find the crystal and do her mission, but Clark tells her that he's on it, and she should try to fit in. So, she decides to enter the Miss Sweat Corn pageant. Because entering a beauty pageant is fitting in.

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On cue, enter three new contestants for the pageant, including the winner of the last season of America's Next Top Model. You can tell that they're going to be this episode's bad guys - they enter with bad theme music.

Meanwhile, Lana reunites with Clark. They embrace, they talk about why they both lied to the other, and Clark is put in the awkward position of being the person who needs saved. His awkwardness is intensified when Kara enters in a bikini. Fortunately, he is able to quickly explain to Lana that Kara is his cousin. When Kara gets dressed at super-speed, Lana jokes about knowing which side of the family she comes from.

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.03, Fierce

Lana leaves, and Kara and Clark get into a fight about how to fit in, or not. And how you should enjoy your life.

Then one of the three wicked contestants goes into a flower shop. She's on the phone with someone, talking about how she'll get the money and get away. As soon as she enters, the room is completely iced over. Kara finds the body, and the police are called. As a result, Jimmy is on hand to take pictures, and gets the chance to overhear the police talking. The Weather Girls see this, and try to freeze him as soon as he enters his car. Fortunately, the new Kryptonian in town is smitten with Jimmy, and Kara comes to his rescue.

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.03, Fierce

Chloe is back in town as well, since the new Editor of the Daily Planet, Grant, wants her to go and cover the new meteor freak story for the Planet.

Back at LuthorCorp, we see that Lex is still wearing his wedding ring. Agent Carter wants to know why Lex is showing around the pictures that Lex drew of Kara. Lex stonewalls him, but later on tells him that the girl saved his soul. Lex also turns over his research into the coming threat from Kryptonians and other aliens.

Kara, meanwhile, is in the pageant with a vengeance. Clark has, after all, done nothing but chide her for her behavior. And she is a rebellious teenager with the power of Superman.

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.03, Fierce

The Weather Girls approach Kara to help them. It turns out that they're not really here for a beauty contest. They travel and use events like the pageant to cover big heists. They saw Kara rescue Jimmy, and they want Kara's help. They show Kara a picture of the treasure, and Kara sees that it's Kryptonian in nature. So she ditches them and steals the map to the treasure out of the time capsule herself.

Returning to the Kent farm, Lex drops by to see Lana. He's had her cleared of all charges for the crimes she committed. Lex has made her a free woman again, and he asks for her forgiveness. Lana finds this hard to accept and so Lex prepares to leave. But not before asking about Clark's cousin, and mentions how much he is looking forward to meeting her.

We get to see the results of the pageant, and Kara is the winner. But before she can celebrate she is arrested for breaking into the time capsule. While Clark and Chloe talk to Kara about why she was arrested, the Weather Girls get the treasure.

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.03, Fierce

Clark arrives to stop them, but one of them whips up a windstorm to attack him. Normally, this would be ineffective, but this storm managed to pick up some meteor rocks, and the Kryptonite lays Clark out. But before they can capitalize, Kara arrives and saves Clark. Clark, for his part, apologizes to Kara for being a jerk about how she should try to fit in. The two Kryptonian teens share a tender moment after this, reaffirming the importance of family.

Clark and Kara go back to the farm with the artifact. Clark is puzzled as the existence of this artifact makes him further question how long Kryptonians have been coming to Earth. Kara suggests that Earth may play a bigger role in their father's plans. Kara also gives Clark the harsh reminder that he is not human, no matter how much he plays at it.

Finally, Lex goes to the Talon to wait for Kara. Kara has become a new employee of the Talon, and Lex is her boss as a result. Lex thanks her for saving him, and reveals that he knows her secret. He reassures her that he hasn't told anyone, and has in fact protected her identity. He also suggests that he'd have saved others if they just trusted him with their secrets. People like Clark and Lana, presumably.

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.03, Fierce

How does Kara react to this news? She lies to Lex, stating that he is mistaken.

Lex is having nothing of it, however. He doesn't believe in coincidence after all, and knows that he has been pulled from the brink of death twice now by Kents. Lex tells Kara that he will find the truth, and leaves with the question: 'Are you here to be our savior? Or are you a warning?'

And Clark and Lana get back together, forgiving each other for the many, many mistakes they have both made.

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.03, Fierce

It was a good episode overall. It flowed nicely, and the characters all got a chance to show off their strengths. It felt kind of like a fluff piece, in that we got hints about much of the plot for the remainder of the season, but got very little actual resolution here.

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