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Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.04: 'Cure'

Well, the excitement may start a little slowly. Jimmy and Chloe are out for a night on the town (at the Talon, since that's where everything happens) when Chloe sees Sasha Woodman (the Bee Girl from Season 1, Episode 18). Chloe, predictably, freaks out and starts to call Belle Reeve and anyone else she can think to call, but then Sasha approaches her. It turns out that Sasha has been "cured" of being a meteor freak, by a Dr. Curtis Knox. There's a downside, of course - she has no memory of the time since she developed her powers, but now she's cured and a good person again. Unfortunately, before she can enjoy her new life, she is met at her car by Dr. Knox, who drugs and abducts her.

Back at the Kent farm, Lana is making breakfast for the Kents/Els. Kara and Lana engage in some small talk about the relationship between Clark and Lana, but before breakfast can be enjoyed, the Martian Manhunter rushes in to threaten Kara. Apparently, when J'onn worked for Jor-El, he had been used as muscle against Zor-El and his family. Lana leaves, clearly bothered by the presence of a martian, and then J'onn starts asking Clark about Kara's crystal, and stresses how important it is that Clark gets a hold of it before Kara does.

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.04: 'Cure'

Meanwhile, at Luthor mansion, Lex is meeting with Dr. Knox. They're working together, with the understanding that when Knox cures his patients, he will remove their memories of 33.1. But Lex is suspicious that Knox is killing his patients.

Turns out that Lex is right - since the next time we see Knox he's preparing to dissect Sasha and put a part of her body into a comatose woman. Apparently, Sasha is a "piece of the puzzle."

Jimmy comes to talk to Chloe about their big night out, but she asks for a rain-check. Jimmy resents how she will blow him off for any look into the meteor freaks, and storms off. Clark then super-speeds in to ask for help with finding Kara's crystal with his usual poor timing. Chloe is in no mood to be helpful, and tells Clark that she has other important things to do

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.04: 'Cure'

And she isn't kidding, since we then see her in Knox's office asking to be cured.

Clark interrupts Lana secretly investigating Lex, which makes Lana ask why Clark isn't working with Chloe. Clark tells her that she was busy looking into Dr. Knox. Lana tells Clark about Knox and his work with curing the meteor-infected, which leaves Clark pondering what Chloe was doing.

Kara arrives at the Daily Planet, looking for Lois and her information about the spaceship she had found. With Lois not around, Kara flirts her way into getting Jimmy to do the investigative work for her, after sharing a cute moment discussing Martian communications technology. (It turns out they don't use radio waves, they use infrared).

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.04: 'Cure'

Realizing that she may lose some of her memory after the "cure", Chloe writes a note to Jimmy as Clark comes in. Clark quickly calls her out on the fact that she isn't looking into Knox for a story, but for a personal cure - despite the danger. Chloe tells Clark that it's worth it for a normal life.

We the viewer immediately see otherwise, since Knox is dumping Sasha's body. We aren't the only witnesses, however. Lex is there to try to stop Knox, which Knox tries to brush off. After all, they both are getting what they want. Most of the meteor freaks get cured, with no memory of 33.1, and in return, Knox gets the few that he wants personally. The reformed Lex is having none of it, however, and tries to shoot Knox. However, Knox reveals himself to be immortal, and he gets up from the bullet wounds to attack Lex. And that would have been the end of Smallville's resident billionaire, had it not been for the timely patented Clark Kent rescue.

(As a long-time comic reader, it becomes very obvious by now that Knox is supposed to be Vandal Savage. Which makes me wonder "Why didn't they just call him Vandal Savage?" But I digress.)

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.04: 'Cure'

Jimmy has found the information for Kara, and has a name for her. "Flintlock" is the name of the organization that had her ship. Between Chinese food and flirting, Kara convinces Jimmy not to tell Chloe (or through her, Clark.) While planning their secret, and flirting, Chloe comes in and sees them. Chloe is obviously hurt, and leaves without any explanation, dropping her "I may forget you" note into the trash.

Lex wakes in the hospital, and after some brief "I don't like you, you don't like me" posturing, complete with Lex telling Clark that Lana is spying on him with the money she stole, Lex tells Clark that Knox is both immortal, and killing off his patients. This leads nicely to Chloe arriving in Knox's office. Knox comments on the amazing concentration of Kryptonite in Chloe's heart, which makes Chloe suspicious. She tries to run, but Knox, being immortal and wily, knocks her out.

Jimmy has found Chloe's note, but has no idea what it means. Why would she write that she might forget some things, and that he needs to remind her why they belong together? Clark has no idea, but goes to Knox's office to investigate. Lex arrives there as well, and shows Clark the evidence that Knox has been around for thousands of years. Fortunately, a broken watch Clark found, combined with one of the photos of past-time Knox lead them to his new hideout.

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.04: 'Cure'

And in his hideout, Knox is about to cut Chloe's heart out and put it into the body of his wife, Sophia. Apparently, he needs spare parts (full of meteor rock) to make her live forever the way he does. Chloe's arguments for why she should live fall on deaf ears. Clark rushes in to the rescue, but of course the Kryptonite in the revitalization equipment is weakening him. Not the "instantly incapacitated" type of weakening, but enough that Knox can be a real threat. And with that, we get to watch Clark Kent fight the former Clark Kent.

It was a good fight, though a bit too short. It ends with Clark getting Knox to damage the machinery keeping Sophia alive. While Knox grieves, Chloe pushes the remaining equipment away so that Clark can fight properly. Sadly, however, as the life leaves Sophia, the fight leaves Knox, and he and Clark share a look of longing and loss.

Knox's final fate is left undeclared, however. We cut away to the Kent farm, where J'onn arrives. As Clark asks what happened to Knox, J'onn responds with an answer that breaks down to "best you not know," though he assures Clark that Knox isn't dead. J'onn then returns to the familiar question from both him and Jor-El: What happened to Kara's crystal? Clark points out that he has been distracted recently, but before he can explain more, Kara shows up, demanding to know why J'onn is there. J'onn and Kara trade insults and threats, and Kara then asks Clark who he's going to trust - the Martian Manhunter or his family? When Clark hesitates, Kara tells him "I guess this family reunion is over," and flies off.

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.04: 'Cure'

And the domestic uncertainty continues. Clark and Lana have a brief disagreement over the money Lana took from Lex, and her spying on him. Lana tells Clark that the money is from the divorce, and being used to help the people Lex has hurt, and that she would never hide anything from Clark. But then she goes off to her hideaway with the equipment she is using to spy on Lex - something she is clearly hiding.

But the real heart-ache comes with Chloe and Jimmy. Jimmy is sitting alone at his desk when Chloe comes in. "Remember me?" he jokes to her. After reading the note, Jimmy has put together a box of memories "to remind you why we belong together." Included are pictures, the glass from the window that broke during the earthquake where they re-met, and more. Lots of mementos are included, all very sweet.

However this is Smallville, and the happy moment cannot last. When Jimmy asks that things try to be more normal between them in the future, Chloe tells him that she can't promise that. The tension between them builds as they discuss the weirdness that surrounds their lives, issues of Chloe running off with Clark, and Jimmy's dinner with Kara. Finally, Jimmy tells Chloe that maybe their relationship was a fluke. Chloe, unable to tell Jimmy the truth, stays quiet, and the awkward silence leads to Jimmy walking away from a very sad Chloe.

Smallville Re-cap for Episode 7.04: 'Cure'

I enjoyed this episode overall. I did, however, feel like it was a little too rushed. This episode could have easily been broken into two, allowing us to explore Knox's background more, as well as dig deeper into the cast's personal problems. Still, it was a good, solid episode, and I really hope we see more of Dean Cain as Dr. Knox.

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