Once more, it's been some time since the last episode of Smallville has aired, so I'm glad to see you all here again - for one hell of an episode! So, let's discuss Persona, shall we?

Smallville: Persona

It started, fortunately for us all, with a recap of where we were before now. To sum up, Clark is imprisoned in the fortress for defying Jor-El, Bizarro is pretending to be Clark and shacking up with Lana, Grant Gabriel, the new Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet is actually a clone of Julian Luthor, Lex Luthor owns the Daily Planet, and it has been established that Blue Kryptonite takes away a Kryptonian's powers, making them human.

The episode then cut to a scene of Lana and Bizarro-Clark in bed together, where Bizarro tries to be seductive with Lana, but instead goofs up twice and almost reveals himself to be the imposter. Bizarro is lucky in that, despite slipping up about being able to fly, and having sunlight shined on him when Lana opens the curtains, Lana still manages to miss the clues. Bright girl, that Ms. Lang.

We then see Grant/Julian into LuthorCorps to speak to Lionel. Not, as Lionel thinks, about Lex's buying of the Daily Planet, but instead because of something "more personal." Lionel tries to leave without Grant talking to him, but Grant convinces Lionel to read the contents of a packet. Inside the packet is the proof that Lex cloned Grant from Julian's cord blood. Grant faces down Lionel, expecting a confrontation, but Lionel instead says that if Grant is really his son, he would like to get to know him. Is Lionel going to play the two brothers off each other?

Lana is going through a set of papers where she discovers that a homeless man has been murdered. "Clark" comes in to talk to her, and Lana reveals her discovery, including that the victims had their trace metals drained. Together they determine that Braniac is trying to reconstitute himself. Lana tells "Clark" that he has to stop Braniac, and shows that all those killed are from the Suicide Slum. "Clark" eagerly agrees, leading us to wonder why Bizarro would want to find Braniac?

Smallville: Persona

In the Suicide Slum, Bizarro arrives to find Braniac, who is there, draining minerals from rats. Braniac immediately can tell that Bizarro isn't Kal-El, and aloud he wonders where the real Clark is? Braniac also taunts Bizarro, wondering what what Clark will do when he comes back to find him in bed with his girlfriend. Bizarro tells Braniac that he wants his help in finding a cure for his turning to stone whenever sunlight hits him. Braniac says that while he can't help, there is a Kryptonian scientist hiding on Earth named Jax-Ur who can help him. Braniac even tells him how to find Jax-Ur, using a tracking device that Clark and Lara discovered several episodes back. When Bizarro wonders if he can trust Braniac, Braniac laughs it off, using the rationale that "lying to you would be like lying to a mollusk - there'd be no point." Bizarro flies off as Braniac smiles. Clearly, Braniac wants to have Jax-Ur found for his own reasons.

"Clark" goes to the Daily Planet to talk to Chloe - because who else would you go to for help in tracking down a Kryptonian who doesn't want to be found? Chloe tries to tell "Clark" that she can't help him right now, and catches "Clark" in a memory-lapse about the tracking device. She tries to get "Clark" to leave, but he then threatens her to tell him where it is. Playing it off as a momentary loss of control, he leaves, but Chloe is clearly suspicious.

Lex calls Lionel out of a meeting to talk about Grant's visit. Lionel says that he found Grant an interesting fellow, and calls Grant Lex's exact opposite. Lionel taunts Lex about how Lex wants to "own" Grant, revealing that he knows that Lex cloned Julian. Lionel tells Lex that he is depraved, and says that the son he lost isn't Julian - but Lex.

Lana returns to the Kent farmhouse and finds Chloe there, looking for Clark. Chloe wants to know if Lana has seen anything different in Clark, to which Lana says that the difference is that he is now more open than ever. Chloe tries to reveal her suspicions, but Lana is blinded by the fact that she likes this "new" Clark, and how much he is willing to share with her. Lana thinks that Chloe's suspicions are born of jealousy, and while Chloe is trying to warn Lana, "Clark" arrives. "Clark" comments that Chloe seems a little tense, and then announces that he and Lana are leaving Smallville. Chloe is taken aback and leaves. Lana tells "Clark" about Chloe's suspicions. "Clark" tries to say he didn't forget anything, he just can't find the tracking device, and that he thinks Kara may have taken it. Lana suggests that if this is the case, perhaps it is in the Fortress.

Smallville: Persona

So, off Bizarro flies to the fortress, looking for the tracking device. Jor-El is thoroughly pissed about this intrusion and tells Bizarro to leave. Bizarro, in turn, mocks Jor-El, asking what a disembodied voice can possibly hope to do to him. After Bizarro flies off, Jor-El takes the one option he has available to him and he frees Clark, telling him that the last phantom has returned.

The newly freed Clark races back to the farmhouse, looking for Lana. Clark tells her that it has been Bizarro who had been there for the past few weeks. Lana, still in denial, tries to suggest that Clark has merely forgotten the past few weeks, the same way he forgot where the tracking device was. Ultimately, Clark is able to convince her that this is really him and that it was Bizarro who had been there for the past few weeks. Bizarro returns and overhears this reunion.

So, Bizarro returns to Braniac wanting to know how to kill Clark. Braniac tries to tell Bizarro that the priority should be finding Jax-Ur but Bizarro wants to do nothing else until he kills Clark, allowing Bizarro to reclaim Lana. Braniac sees that Bizarro is as in love with Lana as Clark is, and says that they should divide and conquer.

Clark goes to Lionel, hoping that Lionel can find a way to stop Bizarro, and Lionel tells Clark that Blue Kryptonite is the only thing that could destroy Bizarro. Lionel then tells Clark about Jax-Ur, and how Jax-Ur might have a source of Blue Kryptonite. Clark reveals that he had found the tracking device from the time-capsule, and Lionel tells him how to use it to summon Jax-Ur. But, one is forced to ask, how could Lionel know all of this? Well, as soon as Clark leaves, we find out. Lionel was actually Braniac, impersonating Lionel.

Smallville: Persona

Clark goes back to the Daily Planet to tell Chloe about his imprisonment, and how he needs to find Jax-Ur. Chloe is suspicious of Clark at first, but Clark uses the sunlight to prove his real identity. Chloe reveals that she had gone to the farm and taken the tracking device after Bizarro scared her. Clark uses it to send himself to Jax-Ur, and Braniac is immediately aware of the use of the device. But now we're wondering, why does Braniac want to find Jax-Ur so badly?

Clark arrives at an auto-body shop, where there is an old man working underneath a car. And reluctantly, the old man reveals that he is, in fact, Jax-Ur. (And a special welcome to Mark McClure, who played the role of Jimmy Olsen in the Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder.)

Jax-Ur and Clark catch up on old times, including the destruction of Krypton and how they both survived when Jax-Ur's wife comes in. After she leaves, Clark comments on Jax-Ur's family, and that the only way it would be possible to have a normal family life would be by using Blue Kryptonite. Jax-Ur shows off his watch made of Blue K, and says that he wanted to be alone, so he came to Earth to be away from what he made, revealing that it was his work that led to the creation of Braniac. Jax-Ur says that he had wanted to save the human race, but gave it up to be with his wife. Clark asks for more Blue K, and Jax-Ur agrees to provide it, assuming that this is for Clark to be with a girl.

"Clark" appears to Lana, who had been hiding in Oliver Queen's apartment, and tries to convince her that he's the real Clark, and that the "new" Clark is actually Bizarro, who is now working with Braniac. Lana starts to believe him, but catches a glimpse of Bizarro's reflection in a mirror, where the reflection shows off his stony appearance. Lana excuses herself, so that she can pack up before they leave Smallville, and tries to call Clark. Bizarro overhears, and tries to convince Lana of his love. Sure, he's been a fake Clark, but his feelings for her are real, and hasn't she been happier the past few weeks than she ever was with Clark? Clark shows up with the Blue K, but holding it makes him powerless, and Bizarro easily swats him away. Lana says that she'll use the blue K on Bizarro, at which point Bizarro launches into his spiel about the time they've been together and the feelings they have for one another. Lana seems to agree with Bizarro, and goes to embrace Bizarro, but at the last moment uses the Blue K on him, causing the fake kryptonian to explode. Clark races to Lana, and shields her from the debris of the explosion, but Lana seems clearly upset by this turn of events.

Smallville: Persona

We return to Jax-Ur in his shop, and Braniac arrives, coming to meet his "daddy." Jax-Ur doesn't recognize him at first, but Braniac reveals himself as the Brain Interactive Construct, and even comments that he has played two super-powered beings against one another in order to find him. Jax-Ur wonders why Braniac went to such an effort, and Braniac says that he is damaged and needs Jax-Ur to fix him. Braniac says that all he needs is the information in Jax-Ur's head, and when Jax-Ur refuses to tell him, Braniac seizes him and then stabs him to drain his memories. Jax-Ur dies, powerless, in the arms of his creation as Braniac's eyes turn black, representing the draining of Jax-Ur's memories.

Lex goes to Grant and fires him as editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet for daring to talk to Lionel. Grant says that he went to Lionel so he could reveal his existence on his own terms, instead of when Lionel inevitably found out. Grant tells Lex that he wants a relationship with his father, while Lex is trying to warn him that Lionel is dangerous. It becomes clear that this isn't about Grant's safety, but instead about Lex wanting to control Grant. Grant leaves, and taunts Lex about the fact that lots of people seem to leave him.

Lionel and Grant are chatting pleasantly after dinner. Lionel seems genuinely pleased to have Grant as a son, and the two share a moment when a mugger suddenly appears, demanding their money. Grant hands over their wallets and puts himself between the mugger and Lionel, and the mugger shoots Grant, repeatedly.

We cut to Lex who is playing pool. Lex receives a text message, presumably from the "mugger." This, of course, suggests that Lex had Grant murdered, simply because Grant dared leave him. Lex leaves the mansion, and screams into rain, in some combination of grief and rage.

The episode ends at the Kent farmhouse, where Clark and Lana are standing apart from one another. It seems that there may have been some truth to the fact that Lana really was happier with Bizarro than she ever was with Clark. But before we cut to the credits, Lana reaches out to Clark, and the episode ends with them together.

Smallville: Persona

All in all, not a bad episode of Smallville. We have the return to power of one of Clark's greatest villains, and we opened the door for pathos in the Luthor family, as well as between Clark and Lana. But honestly, what I'm looking forward most to is the upcoming episode Siren, where we will get to see the return of Green Arrow, and the new arrival of Black Canary. I look forward to seeing you then!