Here we go - it's time to introduce another new superhero to the cast of Smallville. In tonight's episode, Siren, we're treated to the return of Green Arrow (Justin Hartley), and are introduced to Dinah Lance, a.k.a. The Black Canary!

Smallville: Siren

(And it would be remiss of me not to mention that Black Canary is played by Alaina Huffman, formerly of the Sci-Fi Channel's Painkiller Jane)

And we get to see Ms. Canary early on as the episode opens with her spying on Chloe, who is hacking into files for a mysterious someone - most likely Green Arrow. Canary attacks Chloe, who flees with a computer disc in hand. Canary chases her on to the roof, who is expecting someone to swoop in and rescue her. Canary banters with Chloe for a moment about how Chloe should not have stolen "something that doesn't belong to you."

Green Arrow shows up to rescue Chloe, and fires an arrow at Canary, pinning her to the wall. She unzips her jacket to escape and goes after him. He fires another arrow at her, and this one she shatters with her "canary cry". She cuts Chloe's bag and snatches the disc containing the file, then leaps off the roof of the Daily Planet, using a bungie line to repel to safety. Green Arrow and Chloe look over the edge of the building as she escapes, and Ollie quips "We were barely introduced."

Smallville: Siren

Back at the Kent farmhouse, Lana is making coffee as Clark comes downstairs, and both show that the awkwardness introduced between them in Persona has continued. Lana heads off, with neither her nor Clark really speaking to each other, despite clearly wanting to.

We come back to the Daily Planet to see Lois getting on an elevator with Dinah Lance - the crusading reporter for justice. The animosity between the two is more than evident. In what seems to be an interesting twist from the comics, where Canary had short brown hair naturally and wore a blonde wig while adventuring, here it seems that this version of the character has short blonde hair, and wears a long brown wig while not adventuring.

Chloe is going through police records to try to figure out who her attacker from the night before was. Clark comes in to see what she is doing, and almost immediately falls apart trying to talk to Chloe about his issues with Lana. And the moment she brings up the fact that Chloe has changed too, he changes the subject to ask if she's had any luck finding Braniac. She says no, and that's when he notices the bruise on her face from the night before. Chloe reveals that she's been working for Ollie, and relates the previous night's adventure to Clark. Clark is highly pissed that Ollie has put Chloe in danger.

Smallville: Siren

And he goes to Ollie's apartment to confront Ollie about him risking Chloe. Ollie decries him as a hypocrite, saying that Clark puts Chloe in danger all the time. And then Ollie goes off on him about the fact that he has given up far more than Clark has in order to make a difference.

When both men calm down, Ollie tells Clark that Chloe had intercepted a photo file from Lex, and he surmises that their mystery woman works for Luthor.

And almost immediately, we see that Ollie is right as we cut to the Canary sitting in Luthor's mansion. She returns the disc to him, and remarks that Green Arrow was involved. Lex asks if she could find Green Arrow, and she says she could. Lex reveals that Green Arrow has been involved in espionage against him, and that he could make it worth her while to get Green Arrow behind bars. It seems like this version of Black Canary is a sort of super-powered bounty hunter, who believes that no one deserves to be stolen from, not even the rich.

Lionel goes to Lana and to talk to her about Grant's death. Lionel suspects Lex of being guilty of Grant's death, and he wants Lana to help him. Lana initially refuses to help, and Lionel tells her that he knows of her involvement with the female scientist who had been infected by Braniac, and how the woman died because Lana didn't seek outside help. He leaves, telling Lana to call him when she's ready to aid him.

Smallville: Siren

Back at the Daily Planet, Dinah Lance is trying to pick the lock on Chloe's desk, where she takes a look at Chloe's cell phone. A quick glance shows her that Chloe had been in touch with Oliver Queen. The Canary smiles and leaves.

Lana, meanwhile, is doing the research into Lex for Lionel when Clark arrives. Clark wants to know if the Canary is working for Lex. Despite being annoyed that Clark is the second person to ask her to spy on Lex, Lana tells him that the Canary wasn't in any of the old footage she has. Clark starts to leave, awkwardly. Lana stops him to tell him about the scientist she and Bizarro had tried to save. Clark wonders why she's telling him this now, and Lana says that it's because Lionel is holding that information over her head. This leads to a confrontation between Clark and Lana over how badly he has been treating him, and over how upset he is that she couldn't tell the difference between him and Bizarro. Clark is extremely unkind to Lana, pointing out that she had fallen in love with Lex, and his doppleganger, and he leaves a very upset Lana behind.

Lois goes to Oliver's apartment to yell at him. She immediately slaps him for breaking his heart, to which he says that he figured it was for not calling her when he got back into town. Lois sees that he has set a fancy dinner, and jumps to the conclusion that there is someone else in his life. To which he tells her that, in fact, the dinner was for her, because if she hadn't been on his doorstep, he'd have been on hers. The two embrace, but the moment is ruined by the arrival of Black Canary. Lois thinks that this is actually the woman Ollie is into, but when Ollie tells her to leave and then Canary attacks, Lois understands what is actually going on.

Smallville: Siren

(Ironically, Black Canary is the person that Ollie will end up with in the comics - not Lois.)

Looking up from Oliver's body, Lois gets another surprise. Canary's attack shattered all the glass in the apartment, and Ollie's Green Arrow equipment is revealed to Lois' eyes. She is stunned at this revelation, which allows Canary to walk up behind her and knock her unconscious.

Canary ties Ollie and Lois up as Ollie regains consciousness. Lois is less upset about their current predicament then the fact that Ollie didn't tell her he was Green Arrow. But while the two are fighting, Canary goes back to Lois and knocks her out again, wondering how he can put up with it.

Canary immediately rips into Ollie for being a terrorist, to which he tries to tell her that he's the good guy in this situation. She calls Lex to arrange for payment, and the camera cuts over to show that Ollie is working on cutting his bonds.

When Clark returns to the Daily Planet, he apologizes to Chloe for their fight, and she does the same. Chloe says that she hasn't had any luck tracking down the Canary, and Clark shows her that the person monitoring Chloe's activities had been logged into the Daily Planet's servers. Chloe is able to use this to determine that it was Dinah Lance, and even to hack into her computer, stopping the payment from Luthor to her. (It is also here that she first gets named Black Canary.)

Smallville: Siren

Canary goes after Lex to get paid, when Clark shows up to stop her. She correctly assumes that Clark is an ally of Green Arrow's, and wants him to get out of her way. Once more, she is utterly unable to be convinced that, perhaps, Ollie's gang has a good reason to go after Lex. Clark tries to force her to tell him where Ollie is, and she attacks him with a spectacular flying kick. Unfortunately for her, she bounces off of him. Seeing that Clark is invulnerable to her physical attacks, she uses her sonic scream on Clark, where we all discover that the downside to having super-sensitive hearing is an increased susceptibility to sonic attacks. Clark falls to the ground, bleeding from the ears as Canary escapes.

Lana is examining Lionel's mail in his office, and finds a sealed envelope. She fingers it as Lionel enters, wondering if she'd found anything. She tells him that she found nothing, and that she isn't going to look for him. When Lionel threatens her, she tells him that she has now told Clark everything, and will continue to do so, because lying to Clark nearly drove them apart. She tells Lionel that she had been driven to the edge and came back, and she is hoping Lionel can do the same. She leaves after warning Lionel to be careful that his obsession with Lex doesn't destroy him.

Clark and Chloe go to Ollie's apartment to rescue Lois, but Ollie is missing. Despite her anger, it is clear that Lois still cares for Ollie since she tries (lamely) to hide the Green Arrow gear. Lois then says that she doesn't know where Ollie was taken.

Smallville: Siren

Black Canary goes to Lex, and says that before she turns Green Arrow over to him, she wants to know about why the "auto factories" that Lex said were attacked don't actually make auto parts. Lex accuses her of buying in to Green Arrow's propaganda. When she still refuses to turn Green Arrow over, Lex pulls a gun on her. He shoots her, demanding to know where Green Arrow is. "Right behind you," Ollie announces as he attacks. We then go into what may have been the single coolest fight sequence in Smallville history, with Lex firing his gun while in hand to hand combat against Green Arrow, while Black Canary (and stray bullets from Lex) take care of Lex's security. Clark zooms in and interferes with the path of some of the more deadly projectiles, saving Canary's life, and then zooms away with Canary, all before anyone could see him. Then Green Arrow exits the mansion, leaving a wounded Lex on the floor. Lex stares at the place Black Canary had been, clearly wondering how she disappeared.

Ollie is making an attempt to clean up his wrecked apartment when Lois arrives. Ollie apologizes for hiding who he was from Lois, and she answers that she knows it was his attempt to protect her. And she jokes that it explains how he could leave her. Ollie tries to get Lois to give their relationship another chance, to which she says that she can't do it. She makes a few fake excuses before finally saying that she doesn't think she could deal with the whole "dual-identity" thing, and wondering if he was alright, and trying to share him with the rest of the world. (Another nice joke about the future life she will share with Clark, with whom these issues will only be magnified.) Lois leaves the apartment, tears in her eyes.

Smallville: Siren

Clark goes to Lois' apartment, where she is drowning her sorrows in ice cream. Lois tells Clark that she had thought that Grant would help her get over Ollie, but then seeing him brought everything back. Lois tries to tell Clark about what was wrong with their relationship, but while being unable to tell him his secret. Lois continues to talk about how hard it is, knowing that the person she loves has a greater destiny then her. She had the same issues with her father, with his being a general, and sees that they would only be worse with Ollie. Again, those of us who know the future of the two characters can't help but laugh at the irony. Especially when the scene ends with Lois joking "Why settle for the hot, rich and famous when I can hang out with you?"

Ollie and Clark meet up on the roof of the Daily Planet, waiting for the Canary. Clark tells Ollie that he talked to Lois, and perhaps she'll come around. The writers throw long time Superman fans another bone as Ollie asks "When? After the Earth cracks open and time runs backwards?" in a nice homage to Superman. Dinah meets up with the two and she apologizes to them. She initially says that she has hung up her fishnets, but after a short talk, agrees to work with Ollie and the rest of the League. She asks whether or not Clark is on board, to which he tells her "not yet, but perhaps someday." Ollie takes her off to meet the rest of the team, and Dinah asks him if anyone has ever told him that he has lousy taste in women, in what nicely lays the seeds for the future relationship that will develop between the two characters.

Smallville: Siren

Back at the farmhouse, Lana is packing her things to leave. Clark returns and she tells him that she is going to stay with Chloe for a few days. Before she walks out, Clark starts listing all the things he has done wrong, trying to show her that he isn't perfect himself. Lana comes back, and she tells Clark that she is still committed to their relationship. But she notes that he may not be - that he seems unsure that she is the one he will end up with. Clark doesn't lie to her, saying that he doesn't know what the future will bring, but that he will do anything he can to get them back to the point where they can trust one another. The episode ends with Clark telling Lana that he doesn't want things to end between them, and since we cut to the exterior of the Kent farm that doesn't show Lana leaving, presumably things won't.

All in all, this was a pretty good episode. Great fight scenes, and a serious exploration of how the romantic relationships will wind up for the characters worked together to make this episode a winner in my eyes, even if it did have to overcome an unfortunate costuming choice with Canary's eye-makeup.