So, in the aftermath of last week's episode Descent, tonight we find ourselves dealing with Clark's attempts to find Braniac, Chloe getting herself in legal trouble, Jimmy finding himself caught between a rock and a hard place (or in this case, government authorities and the Luthors). Oh, and of course, the funeral of Lionel Luthor. Tonight's episode of Smallville may be called Sleeper, but I suspect there will be nothing restful about it.

Smallville Recap Sleeper

The episode begins with a party, featuring whichever band the CW is trying to promote this week, but almost immediately cuts to where the action really is. Someone is using the party to cover their break-in at Luthercorp. A masked intruder quickly tasers an executive and takes his briefcase, using the unconscious man's retina to open the case. They copy the data from the briefcase using their handheld device, than quickly scurry off to the elevators. Inside the elevators, the masked assailant strips off their ski-mask and "assault gear", revealing a tuxedo underneath. Very 007-ish. But then we get the shock of our lives (well, this episode. Well, this segment,) as we see that the intruder was none other than Jimmy Olsen!

Clearly this needs an explanation. And we get one, as the episode proper begins 14 hours earlier, where Jimmy is making a fancy breakfast for Chloe, who almost begs off to run to a meeting. Jimmy is working overtime to try to rekindle their relationship, but Chloe seems more reluctant. She tells him it's been because she's been busy dealing with Lana and the Isis foundation, but he clearly expects that there's more to it than that. As we watch Jimmy mope, we see that someone is spying on him.

Back at Isis, Chloe is doing her computer hacker routine when Clark comes in. Chloe is wondering if Clark managed to get the Veritas keys from Lex, to which Clark answers that he spent the whole evening with Lana. Clark's number one priority is, of course, Lana. More practically, Chloe is worried that Lex will use the Veritas keys to open the box and discover the ability to control the Traveler - meaning Clark. I understand Clark is worried about his true love, but somehow the idea of Lex Luthor being able to control Superman really ought to be a higher priority. Regardless, Clark wants their priority to be finding Braniac and Kara, and suggests hacking a satellite to track them. Chloe, somewhat reluctantly, agrees. But says that, in return, Clark needs to go through Dr. Swan's journal to see if any of Jor-El's transmissions mention Braniac.

Smallville Recap Sleeper

Back at the Daily Planet, Jimmy is approached by the woman who was spying on him earlier. She reveals herself to be a part of the Department of Domestic Security, who accuses him of hacking into federal records. Jimmy starts to protest, but the agent immediately shows that she knows it to be Chloe. She wants Jimmy to help them discover what she's doing and what "terrorist cell" she's working for. She gives him a "spy kit" to help him deal with Chloe, while cryptically saying that Ms. Sullivan is not who she says she is. Not subtle, at all (and almost guaranteed to drive a wedge completely between Jimmy and Chloe, since working for superheroes and working for terrorists really doesn't seem that different on the surface).

Jimmy goes to take Chloe to lunch, who has forgotten about their date. He pries, subtly, catching her in several lies, and reinforcing the ideas planted in his mind by the agent. Chloe runs off, and Jimmy's suspicions grow.

In his quest to get the Veritas keys to their destination, Lex is preparing for his trip, and comes across his first passport, with a note from his father on it. Pushing sentiment aside, Lex continues his preparation while an aide comes in to tell them that there's a problem with their departing for Zurich. It seems Lex has been Red-Flagged by the Government, and they won't let him leave, no matter what influence they try to exert.

Returning to the love-struck super-spy Jimmy Olsen, he breaks into Isis, using one of the gadgets given to him by the government. He starts his own hacking into the Isis computers, and using the government codes and resources, stumbles on to her attempts to get into the satellites.

Smallville Recap Sleeper

Clark is reading Swan's journal in the Talon when Chloe arrives. He then shows her an entry in the journal that, according to Clark, wasn't there until recently. At first, Clark is unable to translate it, but then sees it say "Save Lana at Fortress." When Chloe and Clark are both puzzled as to how Jor-El could send a message about Lana many years ago, Clark decides to go to the Fortress to ask Jor-El himself.

While he's preparing to go to the Fortress, Jimmy comes upon Clark. Jimmy needs to talk to someone about what he's discovering about Chloe. At first, Clark thinks Jimmy is alluding to knowing Clark's secret, but then realizes Jimmy is talking about Chloe. Jimmy wants to know why someone would hide such a big secret from the people they care about, and Clark (knowing something about the subject) says that you would do it to protect them. He then asks Jimmy if it's important to know the secret, or just to know what's in the heart of the person.

The interruption by Jimmy past, Clark goes into the Fortress where he calls for Jor-El, demanding to know why he mentioned Lana in his last transmission. He gets no answer, but hears a bit of Kara's voice, who is warning Clark that Braniac wants to kill him. The last intelligible thing she says is that she's on Krypton, leaving one very puzzled future Man of Steel.

Smallville Recap Sleeper

Meanwhile, Chloe is trying to do her hacker routine, and stumbles upon a way into the satellite. (Using a backdoor through the Ace of Clubs - a nice homage to the Superman comics.) She leaves Clark a voice-mail telling him what she found, and then discovers the spyware that Jimmy had installed.

Jimmy tries to call Chloe to tell him how he screwed up when he is approached, again, by the secret agent. She warns him that if he tells Chloe about what's going on, they will both go to jail. She then tells Jimmy that he must spy on Chloe when they go to the Ace of Clubs tonight. So, now both Jimmy and Chloe will be watching each other. Should be fun.

And it was. When Chloe gets a text message triggering her to start her next round of hacking, we are treated to a hilarious sequence of both Jimmy and Chloe lying to one another and dropping hints about what they know. Plus an awesome dance number! The sequence ends with Jimmy cloning the data from Chloe's phone, then going off to "give the valet the keys" while Chloe tries to find a way to hack into the satellite from elsewhere in the Ace of Clubs.

Chloe finds her way into the computer room and uses the connection from the Ace of Clubs to get access to the satellites. Meanwhile, Jimmy crawls into the air ducts and begins tracking her, and we get to the sequence which began the episode. And while Jimmy does his 007 impression, Chloe gets into the satellite and tracks down the trail left by Kara and Braniac.

Smallville Recap Sleeper

Jimmy, meanwhile, goes off to meet his government contact. He turns over the data he stole from the briefcase, only to find out that it was meaningless data. Chloe tricked him into going after the wrong files. The agent realizes this, and takes Jimmy hostage in order to get Chloe to surrender.

Chloe is found by the agent and interrogated (read: beat up) while Jimmy gives the slip to his hostage taker. He comes back to where Chloe is being interrogated and comes to her rescue, using the spy gadgets given to him by the department earlier in the episode. In a totally uncharacteristic sequence of events, he dispatches the spies and saves Chloe, taking her back to the Talon.

At the Talon, Jimmy tries to get Chloe to tell him what she was doing. Chloe, in turn, is pissed that he was spying on her. Just as it seems they're going to have "that fight" and break up, Chloe tells Jimmy to ask her anything he wants. Taking Clark's advice to heart, he doesn't ask her anything, instead just kissing her. So, somehow, inexplicably, they aren't going to get arrested, and while they aren't sharing everything, they're at least comfortable together again.

But what about Lex? Well, I'm glad you asked. Somehow the "red-flagging" didn't work well enough, and Lex is now in Zurich, where he uses the two Veritas keys to open his box. And inside the box is... nothing. Did someone beat Lex to the box?

Smallville Recap Sleeper

Nope, there's a secret compartment containing a contraption that seems to be a star chart. Perhaps pointing out the way to Krypton? But before Lex can really investigate it, he is attacked by the banker who gave him the box. The banker tells Lex "You aren't one of them," before Lex attacks him and leaves.

As Lex is on the phone to find out who his attacker was, Jimmy comes in to beg Lex to protect Chloe. Lex cuts to the chase, telling him that the protection was done, Chloe is safe, and that there's "no catch." Of course, he says that it's because he considers his employees "family", and he knows that if he ever needed anything from Jimmy, Jimmy would be there for him.

Finally, at the farmhouse, Clark and Chloe are discussing how Kara could be contacting them from Krypton. Chloe hypothesizes the idea that Kara and Braniac really are on Krypton - in the past. She shows Clark what might be a wormhole in time that Braniac and Kara could have used. Clark then assumes that when Kara said Braniac was trying to kill him, he means the version of him that was a baby on Krypton.

And... cue the closing credits.

Smallville Recap Sleeper

Not bad, all in all. No explanation is ever given for how Jimmy became so effective of a super-spy (gadgets alone don't cut it), but still a good, fun episode.