While Smallville fans anxiously await the series finale on Friday, May 13, they still have something to look forward to this fall, even though the series will not return to the CW Network. Early details have surfaced for a massive Smallville: The Complete Series boxed set, which will contain all 218 episodes spread out through this 62-disc set. A special trailer has surfaced for this boxed set, which you can watch below. You can also take a look at the early packaging for this set, plus special features details below the video.

Smallville: The Complete Series DVD

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Smallville: The Complete Series

Smallville: The Complete Series will be released by Warner Home Video sometime this fall, although a specific release date has not been given yet. Be sure to stay tuned for more details on this set. In the meantime, you can take a look at the early special features details below.

Special Features:

  • 90-minute series retrospective with new cast and crew interviews
  • Commemorative issue of the Daily Planet, created by DC Comics
  • 2010 Comic-Con International panel
  • Episode guide with production art (storyboards and sketches) and behind the scenes photos
  • Previously unseen Superboy pilot from 1961