Explore the destructive fun of school bus races that has engrossed a small Florida town in our exclusive clip from Smash: Motorized Mayhem. Actor W. Earl Brown, who most recently starred on AMC's Preacher, serves as the narrator for this upcoming documentary, who explains how these races serve as the ultimate rebellion for anyone who was forced to ride a school bus as a kid. We also see footage from one of the school bus races at the Orlando Speedworld race track, before we get to meet some of the rural Florida racers this documentary focuses on.

XLRator Media has provided us with this exclusive clip, which introduces us to a Florida racer named Ben Craft. He reveals that he was the first racer in this small community to start painting his school buses before the race. While he didn't start this tradition in his first race, before his second race, he took 20 different kinds of paint and turned his International bus into a "Woodstock bus," which was "all hippied out," adding that, "you'd think the Partridge Family was on tour that night."

In a small town, tucked deep in rural Florida, a group of blue-collar folks gather to participate in a bi-annual wild event, Figure-8 School Bus Racing. Nineteen full-size school buses pack a puny 3/8-mile figure-8 track and race twenty harrowing laps to crown a victor. The story follows three drivers and the track promoter during a three-week intensive push to prepare for race night. Their knowledge of mechanics and strong work ethic rival the best in any automotive field. This rousing and funny film clearly demonstrates that real life is more entertaining than any fiction.

XLRator Media picked up this movie as part of their LifeFrame documentary series, which also includes films such as Queen Mimi, It's So Easy and Other Lies and Mateo. The film was acquired in November along with three other films, last year's Tree Man, this spring's Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe and this summer's Who the F--k Is That Guy? The Fabulous Journey of Michael Alago. XLRator Media will release this documentary on Digital HD and VOD formats on March 21.

The cast for this documentary includes Don Nerone, Chuck Rush, Ben Craft and Butch Pierce. Kevin J. Burroughs makes his feature directorial debut with this documentary, after working in several different other areas of the industry. He first started his career as a gaffer and an electrician on films such as Monster starring Charlize Theron and The Celestine Prophecy. He also served as a cinematographer on 2012's Dead by Friday starring Richard Hatch and serving as a camera operator on a number of films including last year's Exhume. Take a look at our exclusive clip from Smash: Motorized Mayhem below.

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