If you haven't already, meet Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. They are the masterminds behind the phenomenon known as Smosh, which is basically a web-based comedy duo that has taken the internet by storm. They are gearing up to release their first movie this summer, and we have a poster featuring the two young comedians as they infiltrate LOLand, formerly known as LaLa Land.

In Smosh: The Movie, an embarrassing video surfaces right before Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox's high school reunion. The pair go inside YouTube to try and rewrite history. But will they be able to redeem themselves? Or will their journey end in the greatest catastrophe the Internet has ever seen?

Smosh: The Movie will be released by AwesomenessTV on July 24! Stay tuned for the upcoming trailer, and then journey deeper into YouTube with the planned unrated cut, which will feature outrageous bonus content featuring Ian and Anthony on the making of their first movie. We'll also get to see wrestling superstar Steve Austin talk about being the idol, Jenna Marbles on being Jenna Marbles and Michael Ian Black on promoting a certain type of comedy. While we await all the awesome stuff AwesomenessTV has planned for Smosh: The Movie, take a look at the poster:

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Smosh The Movie Poster

B. Alan Orange