It may not have captured the "cultural zeitgeist" but that shouldn't stop movie lovers from being excited about New Line's January 2, 2007 release of Snakes on a Plane.


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On board a flight over the Pacific Ocean, an assassin, bent on killing a passenger who's a witness in protective custody, let loose a crate full of deadly snakes.

Director: David R. Ellis

Actors: Julianna Margulies, Samuel L Jackson

DVD Features:

- Audio Commentary featuring Director David Ellis, Samuel L. Jackson and more

- Deleted Scenes: 10 Deleted Scenes

- "Snakes on a Video" Cobra Starship, includes music video

- "Pure Venom: Making of Snakes on a Plane" featurette

- "Snakes on a Blog" featurette

- "Meet the Reptiles" featurette

- "VFX" featurette

Technical Specs:

- Special Version: Full Screen

- Rating: R

- Rating Reason: language, a scene of sexuality and drug use, and intense sequences of terror and violence.

- Media Quantity: 1

- Run Time: 106

- Language: English

- Subtitles: English, Espanol

- Aspect Ratio: Standard [4:3 Transfer]

- Sound Quality: English: Dolby Surround 5.1 / English: (Q) Dolby Surround 2.0