Judging from our own comment section, both on the site and at Facebook, there aren't too many Amy Schumer fans visiting us on a daily basis. Either that, or they're staying hidden for fear of persecution. So our next story will either have some running and hiding, while others will be smiling from ear to ear as they race to the local theater to get a peek at Ms. Schumer's exposed breast this Friday in the new Mother's Day comedy Snatched. Yes, you heard that right. For the first time in a movie, the popular comedian is doing a nude scene of sorts. While we can't confirm that there will be nipples exposed, the comedian herself does confirm that the scene in question left her poor brother gagging. And apparently, he may never recover.

Amy Schumer is the first to take the sting out of any jokes coming her way. So she wanted to get out in front of this, before the haters really started to pour onto the fact that there is a nude scene in Snatched that shows off the 35-year-old's breasts. The comedian says she recently sat down with her brother and sister to watch the movie. And she'll never forget her brother's reaction the moment her nip slip happens. Though it is noted, she and her sister desperately tried to keep him from viewing the scene.

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Speaking to Entertainment Tonight (via FemaleFirst.com.uk), Amy Schumer recalls the moment that will forever scar her poor brother. And perhaps a few of you true Schumer haters out there as well.

"I watched the movie with him, my sister [Kim Caramele] and I rewrote this movie, we watched it with our brother and, you know, my boob comes out in this movie. Right before we said, 'Don't look!' We paused it, we tried to skip ahead but it skipped right to that part. He was like, gagging, it was awful. We honestly haven't made eye contact since, it's very uncomfortable."

And that's to be expected. Not because Amy Schumer is any kind of monster, but many a Hollywood star has told stories about how difficult it is to watch a nude scene with a family member. Which has made for quite a few awkward Hollywood premieres in the past 100 years, ever since the first nude scene was shown on the big screen. On that same note, we're sure there are just as many people who will now drag their moms to see Snatched under the guise that its a fun 'Mother's Day' date when its actually just an excuse to catch a glimpse at what Schumer is hiding under her blouse. It's increasingly difficult in this day and age to admit, and even some millennials refuse to do so, that looking and watching nudity is a fun and natural thing to do. When did our society become so repressed?

Jonathan Levine, who got his start with the horror thriller All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, directs this comedy, which stars Schumer and Goldie Hawn as a mother and daughter who get kidnapped while vacationing in South America. So far, the reviews have been mixed. Some critics are calling it the worst movie of the year, while our own Julian Roman recommended it as one of the year's funniest outings. Amy Schumer went onto say in her interview that she quite enjoyed woking with her entire team on this outing, and will miss everyone terribly when the press tour is over.

"We've been emotional about it all day. This is the end of the line for us. We will still see each other, but not as much, so we're sad. We're sad it's coming to an end, you know? We're crazy about each other."

If Snatched proves to be a Mother's Day Weekend smash, we could very well see a sequel. Schumer is taking an old page out of the comedians playbook, turning in a dramatic performance next in the war drama Thank You for Your Service. It will be in theaters October 27, and will challenge her with a much more serious character to play. It is definitely one to pull the comedian out of her comfort zone. She was supposed to follow that up with a lead role in the live-actin comedy based on the popular Barbie doll, but she had to bow out do to her press obligations on Snatch. So far, no replacement has been announced. And its possible that if it stalls, she could return to the role somewhere down the road.