Snickers' Super Bowl commercials have become a thing of legend. And the big game just wouldn't be the same without a new one. Today, we get our first look at the latest edition in this long-standing Ad campaign. And it doesn't disappoint. The TV spot features two very big, albeit very different Hollywood legends.

In the new Snickers spot simply called 'Marilyn', we see the iconic actress in her signature flying skirt pose, standing over a steam grate. She has become possessed by hunger. And this manifests itself in the form of Willem Dafoe. The much-too-serious actor in a dress locks eyes with his director, who assures the 'big star' that this scene is going to be amazing!

Willem Dafoe declares the shoot a disaster. But he's soon given a Snickers bar by one of the Pas. Before you know it, Marilyn Monroe is back to her normal self. Sitting in the background, running the fan, is another icon, comedy genius Eugene Levy, who declares that this key moment will 'never make the cut'.

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Of course, we know what a joke that is. The image of Marilyn Monroe standing on the subway grate with her flying skirt has become one of the all-time most iconic images ever. It was originally shot for the 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch. And has since been immortalized on every piece of memorabilia imaginable.

While this latest Snickers commercial is good, it still doesn't quite top last year's ad, which continues to run to this day. That Super Bowl commercial had Danny Trejo reprising his role as Machete, who had possessed the hungry body of Marcia Brady. Of course, Mike and Carol calmed their daughter down with a Snickers. Only to find Steve Buscemi waiting in the wings as a very jealous Jane Brady. Take a look at this latest Snickers commercial, and let us know what you think. And stay tuned for more great commercials from this year's Super Bowl!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange