Earlier this season on Saturday Night Live, Curb Your Enthusiasm star/creator Larry David made a few surprise appearances, portraying Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in episodes hosted by Tracy Morgan and Donald Trump. Last night, Larry David hosted SNL, and, as expected, the actor/writer once again portrayed Bernie Sanders, but in a way most hadn't expected. One of last night's most popular sketches was a spoof on Larry David's own show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, entitled Bern Your Enthusiasm.

The sketch features Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail in Iowa, where the caucus was recently held, where the Presidential candidate is shaking hands with his supporters after a rally. The plot thickens when an avid fan (Leslie Jones) wants to shake his hand, but she coughs into her hand first, which creates quite a stir when the candidate refuses to shake her "germ-infested hand." The sketch also features different takes on some of Curb Your Enthusiasm's supporting players, with Bobby Moynihan playing Jeff Garlin, Vanessa Bayer playing Cheryl Hines and Jay Pharoah playing J.B. Smoove.

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Larry David has always been a perfect fit to play Bernie Sanders. Many observers have noticed that the New Hampshire Senator's voice is strikingly similar to Larry David's voice portrayal of late New York Yankees owner George M. Steinbrenner on the classic sitcom Seinfeld. With several months left until the Presidential election in November, it remains to be seen if Larry David will come back as Bernie Sanders.

It's been nearly five years since the last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but we reported back in September that HBO is considering a Season 9 order and a new movie. That news was revealed by Jeff Schaffer, who has collaborated with Larry David for more than a decade. Jeff Schaffer wrote a number of Seinfeld episodes and served as an executive producer on the show during its last two seasons. He went on to both executive produce and write for Curb Your Enthusiasm, before creating the FXX series The League, recently aired its final season. While The League is a much different show than Curb Your Enthusiasm, it follows the same type of format where actors follow an outline instead of a full script, and improvise their lines.

The show's cast has always been a revolving door, with Jeff Garlin the only actor who has appeared in every one of the show's 81 episodes alongside Larry David. Cheryl Hines is the only other cast member who has been on board since the first season, with other notable cast members including Susie Essman, Richard Lewis, Bob Einstein, J.B. Smoove and Ted Danson. It isn't clear yet which of these actors will be coming back for Season 9. While we wait for more on Curb Your Enthusiasm, take a look at the "Bern Your Enthusiasm" sketch that aired last night on Saturday Night Live.