Does Snoke identify as a man, woman, or none of the above? Is he the first real gay male character in Star Wars? What are the gender politics in this galaxy far, far away? It's a subject never touched on in the movies, but a new Last Jedi toy has some fans asking those new questions. A Snoke action figure shows what's going on underneath the villain's infamous golden robe and it has started the great debate of where Snoke fits into the Star Wars: The Last Jedi universe in terms of his sexual identity. We know he's from the Outer Regions, but what gender or sexual preference does Snoke identify as? Will the new movie even begin to tell us?

This new image of the Snoke toy features the Kyber crystal ring that we've seen a lot of lately, but in this new picture, the golden robe is open and Snoke is rocking some white capris pants and some golden slippers that look like Dorothy's from The Wizard of Oz, but gold instead of ruby red. Also shown is a weird pelvic area that looks like Snoke could be wearing a space diaper of some sort, but is likely just a mechanical issue so the figure can be posed or what not. In addition, Snoke has some nice hips and a top that looks distinctly female with a plunging neckline and possible breasts. All in all, it looks like Freddy Krueger raided Judy Garland's closet.

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Star Wars fans are still trying to figure out if Snoke is an alien, so this is a pretty big monkey wrench to throw into the debate at this late stage of the game. Snoke is super tall; way taller than any of his Praetorian Guards and the neck seems to be really long, which also indicates an alien, but who knows? Snoke looks like he/she has been through some serious stuff over the years. It was reported around the time of The Force Awakens that J.J. Abrams toyed with the idea of making Snoke a female character, so who is to say that they didn't keep it that way? Or maybe Snoke is neither.

Kylo Ren has never used a gender-specific pronoun for Snoke and neither does General Hux. What if Kylo is being seduced by a female Snoke? It could very well happen. Perhaps Snoke had a really bad smoking habit that deteriorated his/her voice. The Last Jedi could turn away from the "I am your father," male business and flip the script to, "I am your grandma" very easily. It is completely possible that Rian Johnson carried out what J.J. Abrams set out to do with a female Snoke.

Snoke's appearance underwent many changes throughout the development of The Force Awakens, with the character's final appearance not being decided on until October 2015, two months before the movie's official release. The picture does certainly ask many questions without providing any answers whatsoever, but take one look at the picture and decide for yourself. The picture comes to us courtesy of Reddit and it definitely looks like Snoke could be female or even some kind of asexual grandpa with scoliosis. There's some Freddy Krueger/Judy Garland vibes going for sure, so maybe Snoke is into murdering people and show tunes. Check out the slightly NSFW picture below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick