Universal Pictures has their eye on Thor star Chris Hemsworth to play the Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman.

The studio's search to lock in their Huntsman has been an arduous one. /snow-white-and-the-huntsman-may-lose-viggo-mortensen/Back in March we reported that the studio's initial choice, Viggo Mortensen, left the project after negotiations broke down. Universal then tried to land Hugh Jackman, although he turned down the role as well. Two weeks ago, we reported Animal Kingdom star Joel Edgerton is in talks to play the Huntsman, although he is also circling the lead role in Universal's The Bourne Legacy.

It seems both Chris Hemsworth and Joel Edgerton are still in contention to play the Huntsman. Oddly enough, each casting choice for the Huntsman has been considerably younger than the last. Viggo Mortensen is 52 years old, Hugh Jackman is 42, Joel Edgerton is 37 and Chris Hemsworth is 27. There is speculation that there could be a heightened romantic story line with a younger actor playing the Huntsman alongside the 21-year-old Kristen Stewart who plays Snow White.

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It is said there is no official offer out to Chris Hemsworth yet, but the role is his if he wants it. However, there may be a scheduling conflict with The Avengers, so the deal isn't quite sealed yet.