Marvel Comics have introduced some brand-new superheroes who are out to promote diversity. These characters are a part of the New Warriors reboot. Included in these new heroes is Marvel's first non-binary character and the response has been a bit on the mixed side, mainly due to the character's name. Daniel Kibblesmith and Lucciano Vecchio are the ones responsible for the recently revealed characters and they are taking them and mixing them with some old favorites.

Snowflake is the name of Marvel's first non-binary character, which isn't sitting well with a lot of people at the moment. While Daniel Kibblesmith is trying to take the word back, it doesn't come off that way. Snowflake has become a derogatory term over the past few years, used for calling someone out for being too sensitive. Making matters worse is the fact that Snowflake has a twin named Safespace. The world just might not be ready to take back these words, unless Kibblesmith has some good stories to back these controversial names up.

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Together, the two characters are known as the Psychic Twins. "All twins are psychic, but we're psychic-er." Snowflake, a cryokinetic, can materialize snowflake-shaped shuriken projectiles for throwing. Safespace can materialize pink forcefields, but he can't inhabit them himself, the reflex only works if he's protecting others. They're hyper aware of modern culture and optics, and they see their Super Heroics as "a post-ironic meditation on using violence to combat bullying." When speaking about the name choices, Daniel Kibblesmith says, "it's this idea that these are terms that get thrown around on the internet that they don't see as derogatory. [They] take those words and kind of wear them as badges of honor."

Daniel Kibblesmith went on to further describe the twins noting that "Safespace is a big, burly, sort of stereotypical jock, while Snowflake is non-binary and goes by they/them, and has the power to generate individual crystalized snowflake-shaped shurikens. "The connotations of the word 'snowflake' in our culture right now are something fragile, and this is a character who is turning it into something sharp." This is a great idea for Marvel Comics to pursue, but it seems like there may need to be some extra explaining needed when introducing them to the world, at least for certain comic book fans. However, it should be pretty easy to see what Kibblesmith's goal is here.

Other characters introduced in the New Warriors reboot include Screentime, B-Negative, and Trailblazer. These are all progressive characters and should be welcomed by comic book fans. However, there may be some who are offended, or "triggered," by some of the names. Hopefully comic fans will enjoy the stories and the adventures that these new characters go on. Luckily, we don't have long to wait. The New Warriors #1 will be on newsstands and out digitally on April 15th. You can head over to Marvel Comics to pre-order. And check out some images below.