Few controversies that have rocked the world of comic book movies have gained as much notoriety as the fabled Synder Cut of the live-action Justice League film. During a recent panel at C2E2, DC Comics writer Jim Lee weighed in on the discussion surrounding the Synder Cut in an interesting manner.

"It's a really tough question to answer, but I will say, the only thing I'll say about this is that I think that sometimes there's a movement to sort of segregate the audience and dismiss a group and say 'They're not the fans," right? 'They're the people that like this' or 'They only like that.' I think that's something we need to resist. Honestly, we need every comic book fan that's out there. Whether you want the Snyder Cut or not, you're a DC fan and I want you to be a DC fan."
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These Jim Lee comments can be interpreted in interesting ways. While most celebs connected to the DCEU either express a desire to see the release of the Snyder Cut, that is, a version of Justice League directed entirely by Zack Snyder, or deny such a cut exists, Lee appears instead to be taking aim directly at the fans who have become embroiled in the #releasethesyndercut movement instead.

It is true that a passionate, vocal contingent of DCEU fans have been doing everything in their power to have the Synder Cut released. This has included attacking DC company executives and even Joss Whedon on twitter for desecrating Snyder's version of the film, in addition to attacking other DCEU fans who have accepted the version of Justice League that was released in theaters, accusing them of not being true fans for supporting an inferior film.

The war between fans of the Synder cut and other parts of the DCEU fandom has been playing out across online message boards and Reddit forums ever since the film came out in 2017. Jim Lee seems to be aware of these online flame wars, and the toxic effect they have on DC fandom. Hence his appeal for greater unity among fans, whether they are for or against the Snyder cut ever seeing the light of day.

On his part, Zack Snyder is doing all he can to keep the fires lit inside fans of his fabled cut of the movie. He recently held a Snyder Cut poster contest. The winner received a clapboard from the movie, along with a tease of new Justice League reshoots. He has also been posting snippets of footage and story ideas from his version of Justice League on social media for a long time, in addition to replying directly to certain theories regarding the film that fans pose to him from time to time.

At the end of the day, it is Warner Bros. studios that has to decide whether or not making a new cut of Justice League based exclusively on Snyder's ideas will be worth enough of a profit to greenlight the project. This seems unlikely, with the studio's recent focus on standalone features of their characters indicating they are no longer interested in the shared-universe trend of films that Justice League was meant to kickstart in the style of the MCU. Source is Heroic Hollywood.