What seemed an impossible dream for Zack Snyder fans only a couple of years ago with the release of Joss Whedon's Justice League movie is now within the realm of possibility. The Snyder Cut of Justice League got the support of the former head of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson, who had this to say about the issue on Twitter:

"Thank you for the courtesy of asking. If Zack feels he had the time and resources to finish a cut to his satisfaction and he would like fans to see it, nothing would make me happier than for him to have that opportunity. He earned it and was not only a great filmmaking talent but a true gentleman and professional in all his dealings with the Studio and DC."

So here is finally, an official acknowledgment by someone within the production company that made the film that the Snyder Cut exists, and it might still get made to completion, provided Zack Snyder is willing to return to the franchise to finish what he started. The set photos and storyboard shots and interviews with actors from the film that fans had been teased with for two years might actually be now realized in an official Zack Snyder's version of the Justice League, a piece of filmmaking that has gained almost mythical status within superhero movie communities.

But even if he does return. Even if Zack Snyder does make the film exactly like he had wanted to. Even if he keeps all the plot points and story beats in the movie exactly as he had intended to from the start, will that be enough to satisfy fans? Will his hardcore devotees finally get closure for the Justice League narrative as told by Zack Snyder?

Keep in mind that taking up Justice League again will not only mean reworking that one film but possibly also making its two sequels, since Snyder's intention had always been to turn Justice League into a three-parter. If he does make the first part exactly as he'd planned to, the movie will end with Steppenwolf dying at the hands of Wonder Woman. The sequel will then deal with Darkseid's arrival on Earth and its subjugation at his hands, with the third in the trilogy showing the league teaming up with the Green Lantern Corps to put an end to Darkseid once and for all.

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Will Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment be willing to invest so much money into making a trilogy that they had already dismissed as being too dark and depressing to be successful? The call for the Snyder Cut may look to be gathering strength online, but in reality, there are only a few hundred thousand fans behind the movement, as evidenced by the number of signatures on the petition to release the cut available on Change.org.

The truth is, creating the trilogy of films about the Justice League, as had been Snyder's original intention, is more trouble than it's worth, and is almost certainly not something the studio will greenlight. So even if the Snyder Cut of the first Justice League movie does release, it will end on a downer note, and set up two sequels that will almost certainly never get made. And will that really satisfy viewers any more than the version of the film that was already released in theaters?

Which brings us to the final point. Is there greater interest in seeing the Synder Cut among the wider public, who have already seen a version of the film two years ago and consigned it to a distant memory? Will a darker Justice League movie perform better in the new post-Joker market? Only time will provide the answer to these questions.

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Neeraj Chand