The Inn at Little Washington is using mannequins for safe social distancing practices, but they may have created a real-life horror movie instead. The three Michelin-star restaurant in Virginia is planning on opening its doors soon and will only be able to accommodate 50% of their normal capacity for social distancing. Safety is the big concern at The Inn at Little Washington and they are going out of their way to make sure customers are comfortable when they open their doors again. The human customers will be placed amongst the mannequins, which is pretty creepy, to say the least.

People in the United States are looking forward to getting out to restaurants and bars, but are they really going to want to sit next to creepy mannequins and blow up dolls? It certainly sounds like the beginnings of a current horror movie. Maybe the guys behind 5G Zombies and Angry Asian Murder Hornets will crank it out over the weekend. As for the mannequin choice for the restaurant, it was really quite simple. "I've always had a thing for mannequins -- they never complain about anything and you can have lots of fun dressing them up," chef and owner of The Inn at Little Washington Patrick O'Connell said in a statement.

The mannequins in The Inn at Little Washington are set up to be posed as couples "dressed in a 1940's style to capture a post-World War II celebration," which adds another level on the creepiness scale. They are spread out in different areas of the restaurant, taking up tables to ensure that guests are six feet or more apart from each other. Guests can even take pictures with the mannequins, though that seems to defeat the purpose of social distancing. Whatever the case may be, The Inn at Little Washington is giving this real-life horror movie a chance to people who are interested in visiting.

The Inn at Little Washington worked with a local theater to get the proper attire for their mannequins. Signature Theatre's Managing Director Maggie Boland says they had no hesitation when they were asked for help with the creepy mannequins. "When The Inn at Little Washington reached out with the idea to costume mannequins, we thought it was a fun and creative way for them to conform to social distancing guidelines," Boland said in a statement. "We jumped at the chance to collaborate with another of Virginia's great cultural destinations in support of their reopening."

Patrick O'Connell has gone even further down the rabbit hole and made some custom Marilyn Monroe smiles and George Washington chins for some of the masks. Someone really needs to take this idea and turn it into a horror movie before Blumhouse makes it and tops the box office with it. CNN was one of the first to report about The Inn at Little Washington opening its doors again with mannequin guests.