Tony Millionaire (The Drinky Crow Show) and animator Matt Danner have created a two-minute proof-of-concept video for a potential feature based on the Sock Monkey illustrated books and comics. The movie is based on the upcoming Fantagraphics storybook Sock Monkey: Into the Deep Woods, which follows a sock monkey named Uncle Gabby, who embarks on a perilous journey with his doll friends across land, sea and air to save their human friend Ann-Louise, who they all believe has been kidnapped by a nefarious monster.

The project was initially envisioned as a feature film, with Matt Danner writing a treatment in the form of a children's book. Once Tony Millionaire's publisher Fantagraphics found out about the treatment, they agreed to publish it as a book first, which will debut on November 16.

Matt Danner has written a full feature-length script, which he and Tony Millionaire will be shopping around to studios, along with the following "digi-nette puppetry" live-action/CGI hybrid video. The video was shot over the course of one day, using five separate "digi-nette" puppets on a live-action set, which was later blended with CGI digital effects. Check out the proof-of-concept video for Sock Monkey below, and stay tuned for more news about this potential feature adaptation.