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Steven Soderbergh won a bunch of those little golden guys known as Oscar a few years back. Now, he's making his come back from the top of hill with his new film Full Frontal, starring Blair Underwood, Julia Roberts, David Duchovny, and a slew of others.

There's a slight twist to Soderbergh's new movie though...something that we all here at Lights Out can appreciate's being shot 100% on Digital Video. This is amazing, considering after being an Academy Award winning director he had his pick of projects, but chose to return to his indie roots and attempt to create a movie on DV.

While Steve Soderbergh gives this whole Digital Video thing a whirl, why not follow his progress on the official Full Frontal site! It'll be interesting to see how it all pans out...especially since we've given it a go so many times! CLICK HERE to visit the site!

Also, be sure to check Soderbergh's interview over at, Lies, & DV Tape, CLICK HERE

Indiana Jones 4:Ain't It Cool has reported that an Italian TV station broadcast an interview with Sean Connery 2 days ago. Sean Connery claims that his character from Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, Dr. Henry Jones Sr., will be returning to this next installment of the film.

Jackass: The Movie: The official site has launched and it's giving you a taste of what to Japan! CLICK HERE

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The official Goldmemberwebsite has been updated with some great new stuff, including some hi-rez pictures from the film! CLICK HERE

Stay tuned...~Brian