Movie PictureSimon Vodderspred enjoys his FrappuccinoDear Movieweb Webmaster,

While trying to enjoy a casual lunch this week with my husband and my brother-in-law at Seo Rae Gwan, two individuals, claiming to be associated with your website, rudely interrupted our meal with loud screaming and inappropriate dialogue.

We had sat down around noon on Friday, hoping to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. My brother-in-law had purchased my husband and I two tickets to Hawaii, and we were trying to enjoy a nice Korean Bar-B-Que before heading to the airport. We were mid-way through our meal when two discourteous, abhorrent gentlemen (if you could call them that) sat down next to our table and started yelling obscenities. They seemed to be discussing movies, but not very cleverly. We would have gotten up and left, but we’d already paid for, and were in the processes of eating, our meal.

After asking them to be quiet, they hushed themselves up for a few minutes, but then grew louder and more out of control. First my husband talked to them, then I had to get up and ask them to please tone it down. Matters got really out of hand when they decided to blare a previously recorded radio show at top volume. This was quite annoying.

We are not asking for retribution, or for you to reimburse our food bill. We would just like an apology, and for you to ask your staff never to visit Seo Rae Gwan again, especially at lunchtime. They ruined our early dinner. And we are not pleased.


Maggie Pung

(Note: B. Alan Orange, here. We did apologize and explain that we were doing an On-Line Radio program. We offered to buy them drinks, but they didn’t want any. It’s all here on this week’s show; proof positive that making friends isn’t our strong suit. An odd tidbit about this episode #14. The last half of the show is an old recording from 10 years ago, when Blake Snyder used to do the program with Simon Vodderspred. That’s his picture to the left. He’s a creepy individual. It was called Frappuccino After Movie. We thought you might enjoy it. In the spirit of Halloween (which will be long gone by the time you see this) we thought we’d give you a taste of the past. It is truly frightening. Oh, and we talk about Birth and Ray, too. So, I hope you enjoy it more than Maggie Pung and her ilk did. Thanks for shutting us up, Maggie. We appreciate the input.)