Movie PictureTrust us Peter, being a transvestite will be fun!10 o’clock in the morning. Tom Hanks in six different guises. A hangover. B. Alan Orange could have stayed at home. He could have watched Saturday morning cartoons with some hot chick in Silver Lake. But, no. He’s on a revolving punishment. Part of that regime includes being pulled from an alcohol-induced slumber and being thrown face first into this cinematic fist.

The Polar Express wears brass knuckles.

Blake Snyder, on the other hand, is a morning person. He sings songs in the shower and skips to any given matinee. His a.m. smile is liable to cut off the top of his own head. Snyder encourages theatrical patronage at the crack of dawn…

Listen as these two meet AFTER MOVIE for a hearty discussion on Thematic Warfare. Over a plate of octopus. One’s a curmudgeon. The other’s an over-joyous zealot.

On Today’s Seo Rae Gwan Menu: The Polar Express, The Incredibles, Alfie, Team America, Dazed & Confused, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The O.C., Arrested Development, Stepford Wives, Monster Zero, a heaping side dish of Entertainment News, and it's all topped off with a Jerks & Dummies desert.


(Or don’t. We don’t care. You lot full of assholes!)