This past Friday, we were lucky enough to sit down with Jude Prest, the man behind Rabbit Hash, which just happens to be one of my favorite movies of the year. A documentary about the so-called “Center of the Universe”, Rabbit Hash is Prest’s producing/directing debut. It chronicles the very-true story of a small Kentucky town that, fed-up with Kentucky politics, decides to elect a Dog as Mayor.

Jude was gracious enough to spend an entire show with us, discussing everything from the townsfolk’s teeth to the next impending Rabbit Hash election. It’s a grand time, and I suggest you listen in…

Movie PictureAlso, during the second half of our show, a drunk, angry Spider-Man 2*** showed up to promote (kinda) his new DVD, dish dirt about Tobey Maguire, and lambaste a whole slew of other Hollywood bi-products. Blake gave his take on Closer and Blade Trinity. And Me?

Well, does anyone really care what I had to say? Really? I doubt it. Good news, though…We have enclosed pictures!! Get ready to be amazed!

(***Oh, yeah…Our disclaimer. We’re pretty sure that’s not really Spider-Man, and I don’t believe, whoever he is, that the guy was affiliated with Marvel Comics or Sony Pictures in any way.)

Thanks for joining our little show. -BAO

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