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(Entertainment/Interactive) Locked inside the Mantooth Estate during this decade's worst rainstorm, the Soju Kids huddle in front of the TV to view SAW.

Grab your own Saw DVD, pop it in your hard drive, and watch along as B. Alan and Mantooth give one of the most horrifying scene-specific commentaries of all-time. Its almost as if Orange and Imperial are sh*tting on your couch in person.

Joined by various other anointed members of the Soju Army, our boys deconstruct one of the worst films of 2004. Plug in, souse-up, and be part of the team. (Warning: Rated NC-17 for copious amounts of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Sexual Innuendos, and Hyper-Stylized Vocal Violence.)Movie PictureMovie PictureDont't forget to also check out: Saw