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javascript:;|Justice League of Soju Heroes (Part Two)

(Entertainment/Part 2 of 2) Did Mushy finish his ribs? Is there poop in B. Alan’s pants? Has Rage gotten laid? Who has Imperial Mantooth been channeling? Will Webmaster B2 (Brian Balchack) ever get a word in edgewise? All of these questions are answered tonight in this thrilling conclusion to the two-part episode that dares ask, “What does it take to be a Soju Hero?” Listen in as the gang calls one of their harshest critics on the phone and harasses him about his stance on the handicapped. Watch in horror as Rage attempts to get a date. This is one show you’ll slap yourself for missing. Why? Because it’s simply the best! It’s better than all the rest! (Rated R for violence)Movie PictureMovie Picture