Movie PictureMovie Picture12:00 (MW) SOJU AFTER MOVIE 2

javascript:;|Justice League of Soju Heroes

(Entertainment/Part 1 of 2) It’s an All-Star assault on the senses in this exciting two-parter that sees the entire Movieweb line-up enjoying drinks, ribs, and a healthy film discussion at the same table. Mushy’s Movie Minute host Evan Jacobs (The Shaggy D.A., National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers) and Webmaster B2, the rockin’ Brian Balchack, arrive at Seo Rae Gwan ready to battle the likes of B. Alan Orange (White Chicks, Godzilla: Finals Wars), Imperial Mantooth (The Corn & Chong Mysteries, Hoodrats), and Rage (The Happy Hooker goes to Hollywood) in a showdown for the ages. Every movie ever made somehow finds its way into the conversation. Double Click this and enjoy the excitement today! You wont find a more exciting on-line radio show anywhere. (Rated R. This time, it’s everybody’s fault.)Movie PictureMovie Picture