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(Entertainment) Tired of staring at each other over a lukewarm plate of octopus, B. Alan and Mantooth head across the street to Lady Town where they hand-pick 27 different contestants to be their female co-host. After a grueling gauntlet of terror, only two girls are left standing. It's the super sexy vocal stylings of Stephanie Riggio versus the ultra classy Amazonian meowings of DMA in this cage fight for the ages. Which bitch survives? Does Mantooth have a soft spot for the Karate Kid? Will Orange be allowed to say the "F" word ever again? Tune in now to find out! Featuring Scare Tactics scribe Doug Perkins as special guest judge. (Heavily Edited for Content/Rated PG-13 for occasional swearing and stylized vocal violence)Movie PictureMovie Picture