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javascript:;|Laughlin Nights

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(Entertainment News) B. Alan and Mantooth are forced to drag Paulington along on their long awaited gambling vacation in Laughlin, Nevada. While attempting to do a poolside show at the famed Colorado Belle Riverboat Casino, Paulington develops a strange quasi-British accent, some kid pukes in the deep end, cops surround the place, a crazed fan continues to yell at B. Alan from a 16th story window, and an all-alone Melanie Griffith begs to have her ass slapped. All B. Alan and Mantooth want to do is discuss Batman Begins and Sharkboy & Lavagirl in 3-D, which becomes an almost impossible task due to the chaos swirling about them…(Rated R for poolside tomfoolery.)

Bonus Feature: On his last night in Laughlin, B. Alan runs into a Hillbilly comic on the balcony of his hotel room during a free-for-all party being thrown by his roomate Paulington.

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