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(DVD Commentary/Interactive) In this very special 90-minute episode, B. Alan Orange celebrates the impending release of the greatest DVD ever created: The License to Drive Special Edition. Yes, it’s the Empire Strikes Back of The Coreys Trilogy! And the Soju Army wouldn’t miss this for the world. Join B. Alan and special guest hosts Evan “Mushy” Jacobs, Brian “Webmaster B2” Balchack, and Teebz (from under the bridge) as they give the best scene specific Commentary ever recorded. B. Alan is a Corey-ologist! You will never find a more informative verbal essay on the Two Coreys, ever. Pop the DVD into your hard drive, cue it up, and push play on this! It’s interactive, yo! (Rated PG-13, just like the movie, because we don’t want to offend the Corey’s sweetheart fan base. We love you guys almost as much as we love the Coreys!)

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