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(Entertainment News) Deemed the worst show ever by Podcast America, this lost episode, recorded just mere days ago, finds B. Alan Orange, Imperial Mantooth, and Paulington enjoying Roger Ebert's Movie Cruise. The high seas prove to be a hazardous playground after Paulington gets in a fight with Richard Roeper regarding the seriousness of Q: The Winged Serpent's death. The Soju Army managed to see that, Batman Begins, Land of the Dead, Viva Knievel, Dead End, the Hearse, and Danger: Diabolik before being sent back to their cruise cabins. It turns out for the best when two hot sexy ladies show up with a massage table. Things get really out of hand on this horrible episode of everyone's favorite Internet radio movie program. (Rated PG-13 for above the deck shenanigans and Paulington's dower stance on life.)Movie PictureMovie Picture