Movie PictureMichael BonnanoBlake Snyder here. And this week I had the Sae Rae Gwan all to myself. No annoying B. Alan Orange! Ahhhh! Peace and.... but wait a minute. Just when

I thought I had the corner on the microphone, we had a drop in from our very

first guests on Soju After Movie -- The Yes Men whose motion picture of the same name comes out this week.

The Yes Men and the filmmakers behind this "Punk'd for people who read Forbes" even succumbed to the soju, getting in the spirit of the event for a lively discussion about their high-minded pranks against the World Trade Organization. And just because we couldn't keep him away, B. Alan Orange phoned it in, appearing, via cell, from his home state of Oregon. So while B. drank Oly, and The Yes Men ate more food than six people could have possibly consumed in one sitting, episode #10 unfurled.

I'm a star at last!!!