Blake Snyder here. And yes, I'm in Hawaii now, hiding out temporarily from what happened on this week's episode of Soju After Movie (Episode #5 – Revenge of the Movie Guru). I was there on time! Damn it. But B. Alan Orange was not. And when he arrived he was in a foul mood. Between insisting that AVP be re-named Visible Panty Line and taking off on Soul Plane in the DVD segment of our show, Orange kind of ran amok, and the audience was soon in a cranky mood.

The riot, however, was not our fault, but started when an unfortunate teenage girl made the mistake of looking in the window and seeing B. down another Soju Bomb. Shirtless.

Damage to the restaurant where we meet every week was minimal. Apologies were lavishly applied and bribe money offered to make the Fire Department regulations, that insist only 150 people be in the room at any time, go away.

(Little tip: When they say MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY they mean it.)

So, I am here on the Big Island until next Friday when hopefully B. and I will be back in Soju Town, taking off on everyone who works at Movieweb and dissing the great and the close to great just so we can talk about movies -- for you, our listeners. Aloha!!