B. Alan Orange here, about two days late and a trunk cooler short (I lost it somewhere amidst the chaos of this week’s Sunset Junction…Thanks, The Donnas!).

Well, I arrived at SAM on time last Friday afternoon. 1:30 pm, sharp. That didn’t really seem to matter. I still found myself in a bit of trouble. As soon as I walked through the doors of Sae Rae Gwon in K-Town, I was rushed by about fifteen Korean waitresses (beautiful girls; all of them). I thought they were going to lynch me for stealing shot glasses (an old Korean tradition). Nope. In last week’s dizzying haze, brought on by a screaming riot and way too many S-Bombs, it seems I forgot to sign the check. We didn’t pay. We bailed. We dined and dashed.

In retrospect, it’s kind of funny. But they weren’t too angry about it. Blake and I…We’ve become regulars. I’ve never been a regular anywhere. Usually, I get banned from high-class (and low class) establishments fairly quickly. 86’d is my middle name.

Anyway, 17 audience members showed up to watch us be jackasses. We tried to interact with these people, but none of them spoke English. They just sat, and stared, and occasionally smiled when I plunked yet another Soju shot glass into my Hite.

Those lucky people got to hear the show live! We went on about quite a few things. We introduced a new segment called “Blake’s Unfinished Thoughts.” We tripped through a lot of movies, including When Will I Be Loved, Criminal, THX 1138, and some others…I’m sure we did. I just can’t remember what they were.

Part two goes in-depth into the recent Happy Days DVD release, as well as New Zoo Review, Highwaymen, Duel, and about fifty others. Also, look for the infamous “Jerks & Dummies” segment. Our favorite part of the show…


(P.S. – WENDY! I met you at the Short Stop (in Echo Park/Silver Lake) last Friday night (after lots of alcohol). You’re friend’s car got towed and you left without me being able to get your number…Where are you? What happened? If you’re out there, write me at [email protected] (other people's hate mail also welcome). I want to buy you food. I want to buy you drinks. I want to duck your punches. And your ankle kicks.)