Hello, Jerks!

"A week without Soju is like a lifetime without shame."

Welcome to yet another milestone in the SOJU cannon. Our 9th show is jam-packed with special guest stars that absolutely no one on the face of the planet cares about! Are they famous? Nope. Not by a long shot. Do you even want to listen to them? I doubt it. Still, they showed up like a bunch of dumb jerks and attempted to highjack our show…

From the Comedy K-Hole, we've got Garage Comic Imperial Mantooth with his views on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow! From javascript:;|Mushy's Movie Minute, we've got Mush himself working hard at the gallop polls! From the far reaches of obscure Internet Journalism, we've got Electronics Expert Justin Case! And from the tiny town of Philomath, Oregon, we've got my own mom auditioning for a small Independent film entitled "Stop! Or My Mom Will Kick Your Tits Off!"

Many topics were discussed in a round robin spitfire of ammunition. No chicken was left un-thrown. With nimble fingers, we touched on John Waters and his new smut-fest A Dirty Shame, Blake shared his blazing take on Wimbledon and Leo Clitoris, I delved into the new "Dog for Mayor" documentary Rabbit Hash, and finally, we took movieweb to task for posting positive Resident Evil: Apocalypse reviews.

I paid 8 bucks for that sh*t, and I hold both Derek May and Dodd Alley completely responsible.

Don't forget to listen to the second half of our show, where we wax obnoxiously about all the latest DVD releases.


Thanks for showing up! Since recording our latest show, Blake has gone AWOL. And I'm gearing up for a Big Foot Hunting expedition. Hopefully, things will all fall back into place before another Friday rolls around…

Next week, The Yes Men will be joining our Soju-slurp fest. And I'll be phoning it in from the wilds of the Great Northwest. Until then, "Piss off!" – B. Alan