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(Entertainment) A Very Special Episode. While Imperial Mantooth undergoes a life-threatening kidney transplant (i.e. – his girlfriend has dragged him to another 400 Blows show), B. Alan Orange and Rage reconvene at Sao Rae Gwan to discuss his life, which now hangs in the balance. Jealous of all the attention Imperial is receiving on his "death" bed, Rage starts to feel neglected. To cheer her up, B. Alan rechristens the show "Movies Fo' Bitches", making her honorary Host for the day. But when his Mom, Mrs. Orange, steals the spotlight, and Mantooth pulls through with a last minute cameo, the whole thing blows up in Orange's face like a well-timed bomb, leaving Rage to cry in the corner like a little girl.

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It's a shameful bit of fun this week as Beauty Shop, Sideways, and Miss Congeniality 2 get the living crap beat out of them by a bunch of birdchirpers. Don't miss it. (Rated R, because B. Alan just can't keep those dirty words inside his mouth for more than two minutes.)

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