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(Entertainment News) This exciting three-part special introduces Entertainment Correspondent Felice Callans to the show. B. Alan, The Rackular Spectacular, and Paulington arrive at Seo Rae Gwan for Soju's 1st Year Anniversary only to find the octopus restaurant's doors closed. Falsely believing the show must go on, B. moves the Soju Army three doors down to a local K Town gangster hangout called ZIP!, where they discuss the summer moviegoing season thus far. (Rated PG-13 for language)

PART 1: B. Alan and Felice take a look at the films that have already come and gone this summer.

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PART 2: Documentarian David Yates discusses his new film AMERICAN DRUNK. Also, Bugs Bunny's participation in a popular Hollywood religion is debated.

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PART 3: Paulington gives his review of THE DEVIL'S REJECTs, and the Soju Army gives an in-depth overview of the films headed your way this August.

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