Movie PictureMovie Picture12:00 (MW) SOJU AFTER MOVIE 2

javascript:;|The Bigfoot Birthday Camping Super Show!

(Entertainment) It’s Mantooth’s birthday and to celebrate, the Soju Army goes camping in the Wilderness. It seems though that B. Alan has ulterior motives. Last week he found a Big Foot bone in his backyard, and it has led him, Mantooth, and special guest android Andy-Bot to a clearing in the woods. While searching for the legendary beast, our small group of desolate drinkers discuss the entire camping genre, from Up the Creek to Without a Paddle. No camping flick is left unturned. Along the way, they encounter a spaced out Park Ranger, a flightless bird, and are finally overtaken by a Police Helicopter. The hi-jinks are rampant on this very special episode. Don’t miss out! (Rated R for language and Big Foot humor. It’s B. Alan’s fault, really. Blame him.)Movie PictureMovie Picture