B. Alan Orange is back (from a month in rehab)! And so is Black Snyder. (We believe in the Black & Orange. Get it? Oh...Never mind.)

After a hellish hiatus, the dynamic duo (or should we say poo-o) reappeared in L.A.'s K-Town for this week's episode #11 -- "So far, So Ju". This time, they not only dis last week's guests, The Yes Men, but also each other as B. Alan admits he hated the movie Black loved, this summer's Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. "It's stupid!" Whined B. "It was art!" Snyder babbled incoherently.

And the argument never ends. The second side "DVD and Hollywood News" half of the show is actually the best thing about this week's cry-fest. The guys get a call in from Weekly World News freak of the week -- the Cat Woman (no, not Halle Berry), a 400 pound fur-faced Ozarkian quadruped that is trying to find a husband. Is THIS why B. Alan is headed for Tennessee next week, to meet his fur ball bride? Tune in and find out!

Or don't, bitches! We don't really care.