All That I Need: Soleil Film, Inc. announced today that it has completely funded and closed its acquisition of 20% of the feature film All That I Need, with projected revenues of $6-12 million.

All That I Need, a reality movie in the genre of Super Size Me or The Blair Witch Project, is produced by Hergott Productions, Executive Producer Tarquin Gotch (Home Alone, Curly Sue). "I am extremely excited about working with Soleil Film," said Director James Hergott. "This company has a tremendous insight into the industry as well and is very knowledgeable about what it takes to be on the leading edge of the future of content creation. Many bigger film companies were interested in my movie, but only Soleil had the hands on nurturing spirit that a young filmmaker looks for."

Principal photography on All That I Need has been completed, and Soleil's investment will complete editing on the film, which is scheduled to be completed in March 2005, in time for special screenings for distributors in the major film markets. In addition to "All That I Need," Soleil Film, Inc. currently has in its library the feature films "Fallacy," now in post production, "Say It in Russian," now in pre-production, and the award winning television series, "Autograph."