Is Joonas Suotamo teasing a possible Solo: A Star Wars Story sequel? A recent social media exchange seems to hint that the Chewbacca actor has something special on the way and Star Wars fans are hoping it's Solo 2. Suotamo is aware of the huge fan campaign online to make a sequel and talks about it on social media quite often. However, Lucasfilm is taking a step back from their spin-offs since the first installment did not perform up to standards.

On social media, Joonas Suotamo replied to an open question: "What's your favorite 'I did not see that coming' movie moment?" In response, the Chewbacca actor said, "All of my next movie, but shhhh," and included the hashtag "keep them on their toes." This has led more than a few Star Wars fans to believe that the social media campaign to make Solo 2 happen has worked. With that being said, it sounds like a bit of a longshot for the sequel to happen, especially since the first one underperformed at the box office.

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Joonas Suotamo is all for a sequel to Solo and director Ron Howard would more than likely be interested in continuing the story. But, when further examining Suotamo's response, he is probably talking about some pretty crazy twists in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which is his next movie. The final movie in the Skywalker saga is shrouded in mystery and fans are trying to figure out what is going to happen when the movie finally hits theaters at the end of the year.

While we still don't have any concrete information, it seems likely that The Rise of Skywalker is going to contain a pretty big "I did not see that coming" moment. This could pertain to just about anything having to do with Kylo Ren and the First Order. The Knights of Ren are back and Emperor Palpatine is back too, teasing something pretty big with the villain side of things. Then there are rumors about Obi-Wan Kenobi making an appearance in some form or another. There's a lot of expectations for The Rise of Skywalker to be the epic conclusion to the saga. But who knows, maybe there is a surprising reveal awaiting Chewbacca as well. Maybe he'll finally be awarded a medal for all his hard work helping the Resistance.

As for Solo 2, it could happen at some point down the line or even as a Disney+ streaming series. A big screen adaptation seems unlikely, no matter how bad some Star Wars fans want to see it happen. Solo was the movie that let Lucasfilm know they aren't invincible when it comes to tearing it up at the box office and made them second guess their upcoming spin-offs. For now, the safe bet will more than likely be on seeing how well The Mandalorian does when it premieres in November. If that does well, we will probably see a lot more Star Wars on the small screen. You can check out the cryptic tweet below, thanks to Joonas Suotamo's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick