Solo arrives in theaters next week following a rather rough road during production. Despite that, director Ron Howard managed to get the movie done and, by most early accounts, he pulled together a pretty satisfying Star Wars movie. Not only that, but it seems like he had a good time doing it and it doesn't seem like he would have any issue returning for Solo 2. Yes, unlike Rogue One, Solo represents an opportunity for a possible sequel and Howard has some ideas about where that could go.

The Apollo 13 and Willow director is currently making the press rounds to promote the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. During a recent interview, he was asked about the potential for a sequel and, according to him, there are a lot of possibilities that exist, even if he doesn't know exactly what the plot of that second movie would be. Here's what Ron Howard had to say about it.

"Well, there are so many possibilities and, you know, it's kind of one of those things where we're sitting around, waiting for those shots. Although, with [director of photography] Bradford Young, there's not a lot of time. He moves fast. He's an indie guy. And, so we were able to make this movie at a pace but, once he began to see the possibilities for scenes and ideas. So, I don't have a big vision as to where the plot would go, even though ultimately we know where he's headed and it would be intriguing to navigate him there."

We recently got confirmation from Alden Ehrenreich that the actor has signed a three-picture deal with Lucasfilm. So there have certainly been some discussions about a potential Solo sequel. But what might that look like? Ron Howard feels this movie does a great job of answering questions fans may have had about a young Han Solo and, should the story continue in a sequel, he would want it to feel authentic and yet have the ability to surprise fans.

"I think what I like so much about this script was that it answered a lot of questions that a fan would have about young Han. You know, what are some of the events or relationships that might have shaped the iconic version that we know from later movies, but he does it in ways that make sense. They are satisfying but surprising. So, I think that ought to be the litmus test for anything going forward, which is can you head in a direction that feels right and authentic and do it in a surprising way."

Ultimately, this is going to come down to if Solo: A Star Wars Story makes enough money and is received well enough by the fan base. If it does, then we may see a sequel. There's also the matter of fitting it into the schedule, as Lucasfilm has Rian Johnson's trilogy, the David Benioff and D.B Weiss series of movies and the rumored Obi-Wan movie to worry about. Still, it doesn't sound like we've seen the last of young Han Solo and, perhaps more importantly, maybe not the last of Ron Howard as a director in a galaxy far, far away. This news comes to us courtesy of Screen Rant.

Ryan Scott