Solo: A Star Wars Story is still currently in theaters and the first details about the Blu-ray packages have already emerged. The production of Solo was plagued with difficulty, which was absent from the finished product, much to the surprise of Star Wars fans. While many were skeptical of the spin-off, fans have been pleasantly surprised with the movie as well as the acting performances and plot twists. However, while many are enjoying the Ron Howard-directed film, it has been deemed a box office bomb by Disney and Lucasfilm standards.

No official release date has been announced for the Solo Blu-ray, but initial estimates speculate that it will be available sometime in September, which makes sense since Infinity War opened in theaters a month before and it will hit shelves the month before. As with all physical releases, Disney will have the movie available to purchase digitally the week before. It's not clear what exactly will be included in the extras, but it's assumed that we'll get the normal additions including deleted scenes, blooper reel, and a behind-the-scenes featurette with bonus commentary.

As usual, Best Buy and Target already have their exclusive Solo packages online. In the case for Best Buy, they already have the cover image of their limited-edition SteelBook, which features Lando Calrissian's Millennium Falcon and boasts 4K Ultra HD quality. As for Target, it appears that their artwork is currently a placeholder. The Target bundle comes with miniature replica of the Millennium Falcon, much like the Iron Man miniature Pop! figure that comes with the Target version of Infinity War.

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Again, all of the special features have yet to be announced for the Solo Blu-ray combo packages. However, many Star Wars fans are wondering if the rumored original Phil Lord and Chris Miller trailer will be included when the movie is available for purchase. Allegedly, the Miller and Lord-created trailer was supposed to debut at last year's Star Wars Celebration, but was ditched at the last minute. Lucasfilm reportedly did not show any of Lord and Miller's footage because they were unhappy with the results, which makes sense since they later parted ways because of creative differences. It appears that Star Wars fans might be stepping their toes into Zack Snyder and Justice League territory. Thankfully, there has not been any cries for the release of the original cut of Solo.

The official release date along with the specific details for the Solo: A Star Wars Story Blu-ray are expected to be announced shortly, but a September release date seems likely. As for whether or not any of the Phil Lord and Chris Miller footage will be included in the package, it seems unlikely that Lucasfilm would put something out that they weren't really happy about. But, stranger things have happened and the inclusion of that original footage could boost some sales. You can read more about the Blu-ray release of Solo via Star Wars News Net.

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