Enfys Nest, the mysterious, masked villain of next month's Solo, has not received much attention in recent months, despite her being the primary antagonist of the movie. Screenwriters Lawrence and Jon Kasdan finally broke some of the silence around the rarely mentioned villain, revealing more information about who Enfys Nest really is.

All we've learned about Enfys Nest until this point was that she was the leader of the group of galactic pirates known as the Cloud Riders. The Cloud Riders occasionally appeared in the Star Wars Legends comics, appearing as antagonists for Han and Chewbacca. This villainous band of pirates does have a history in the Star Wars universe, even if their history is no longer part of the official canon.

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While on The Star Wars Show, screenwriters Lawrence and Jon Kasdan revealed more information on what to expect from the villain. Lawrence Kasdan previously worked as a writer for The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens. His son Jon also has some writing experience, being a writer on some projects such as Dawson's Creek, but this is his first Star Wars project. Here is what they had to say about Enfys Nest.

"To understand who Enfys is... you gotta understand who Woody Harrelson plays, which is a character named Beckett, who is sort of a highly trained, very lethal criminal. He's a real pro, who's into big jobs, and he runs a crew. But one of their competitors is a sort of more pirate-like gang and the leader of that gang is Enfys Nest... All the movies build on the backs of the people that came before. Now we're in a certain galaxy so that's a certain kind of story. But it did give us enormous freedom to draw from whatever we wanted."

Taking a character whose origin is rooted in the Star Wars Legends was a good move on the parts of Lucasfilm and the pair of screenwriters. Many long-term Star Wars fans were furious when Legends was taken out of canon several years ago. The content of Legends was vast and included a lot of characters and stories that fans had grown fond of. Bringing the Cloud Riders back into canon may not fix everyone's issues with the current Star Wars lore, but it at least shows that Lucasfilm still cares about what the fans want.

It's also interesting to know from the screenwriters that Enfys Nest and the Cloud Riders will have some connection to Woody Harrelson's character Beckett. Now we have insight on how this band of villainous pirates comes into the picture, as they will be competing with Han Solo and the rest of the crew, likely due to Beckett's inclusion.

Several months ago, we knew practically nothing about what we would see go down in Star Wars: A Star Wars Story, so this information from The Star Wars Show is rather insightful. The more we learn about Solo, the less we doubt how well the final product will turn out. One of the best things about the Star Wars franchise is the villains, and it is looking like Solo may bring us one of the best villains yet.