Following the bizarre production issues faced on set, Solo: A Star Wars Story is reported to have a budget over $250 million. Not only does this place Solo as the most expensive movie in the Star Wars franchise, but it also places it in the top 10 most expensive movies of all time.

As those who followed the progress of Solo: A Star Wars Story know, Lucasfilm fired the movie's original directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller four months into the movie's production due to them reportedly making Solo into more of a goofball comedy rather than the action movie they were hired to direct. In their place, Lucasfilm brought on legendary Hollywood director Ron Howard to helm the spin-off.

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In order to "fix" the damage caused by Lord and Miller, Ron Howard and Lucasfilm had to reshoot almost the entirety of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was rumored to have doubled the movie's budget. At the time, no one knew what the original budget was except for those involved. Finally, with the release of Solo only a couple of days away, the reported final budget for the spin-off has surfaced.

According to Variety, the final budget for Solo: A Star Wars Story is over $250 million, which isn't as enormous as some people predicted it to be, but is still a monstrous sized budget compared to most other blockbuster movies. Solo now dethrones The Force Awakens as the most expensive movie in the franchise, as The Force Awakens had a budget of $245, only about $5 million less than Solo.

While this budget is huge, it still does not place the Star Wars franchise as the most expensive entity that the Walt Disney Company has to fund. The two most recent Avengers movies, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Age of Ultron, had a budget of over $300 million. Additionally, the Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides still holds the record for the most expensive movie of all time at over $385 million, so Disney and Lucasfilm spending $250 on Solo: A Star Wars Story is not too enormous of a financial expenditure in comparison.

If this new reported budget is true, Solo will now be tied with 5 other movies as the ninth most expensive movie ever made. Other recent blockbusters like Captain America: Civil War and The Fate of the Furious also had a budget of $250 million, leaving the 9th slot on the "Top 10" board rather full.

While this reported budget from Variety isn't as vast as some people had predicted, it's still a huge number for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Solo is sure to make that money back, being a Star Wars movie, but the hype for this spin-off is certainly not as big as the hype for the past three Star Wars movies to come out in the past few years. Solo will certainly make a profit, but it most likely won't be as large of a profit as Lucasfilm has been used to in recent years.